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The future of America
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Open letter to Lawrence O'Donnell

Mr. O'Donnell:

You are the mother of armchair quarterbacks. If I could, I would make an award consisting of the Nobel Peace Prize, Stanley Cup, World Cup, Lombardi Trophy, and Ryder Cup. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY can armchair quarterback like you. Way to second guess police officers!  I guess all of your years on the street as a police officer, makes you an expert on police procedures, police tactics, laws of arrest, and constitutional rights. Oh wait, your police expertise is writing a book on police brutality.

Your commentary on the New York Police Department was beyond disgusting. First: the YouTube clip you posted on the reporter taken to the ground did not show what lead up to the man taken to the ground. You didn't explain the whose situation on the reporter/officer confrontation. Since you are a journalist, and saw the camera, you took the side of the journalist. I have news for you Lawrence; journalists commit crimes too!  The police will not lock people up for felonious possession of a camera! You also said the protesters were doing absolutely nothing, and the NYPD just rounded them up and beat them up. Yep; the NYPD just looks for people just going about their business, and takes them to the ground! The occupy protesters I'm sure were doing nothing at all! Again; despite the video evidence, we do not know the whole story. As for the NYPD brass covering up for misconduct for thier officers; again right on the money! Just ask Sean Carroll, Richard Murphy, Edward McMellon  Kenneth Boss, Peter Del Debbio,  Vincent Guidice, or the officer who got into a struggle with drug dealing Jose "Kiko" Garcia which lead to a riot in Washington Heights! Then you get racial mentioning Rodney King. Rodney King was pulled out of the car because he was breaking the law. Rodney King was fighting with the police. The two passengers in Kings car did what they were told, and were not harmed. Black people are not shocked by crime because black people are overwhelmingly the people committing crimes. Black people are also overwhelming victimized by criminals. Look at Newark, Camden, East St. Louis. Very few white people, very high crime. Explain that one genius.

Let me fill you in on something. New York City has been turned around not because of Rudy Giuliani, Bill Bratton, Howard Safir, or Ray Kelly. Those previously mentioned did help, but New York City became safer and more people are alive because of the rank and file cops on the NYPD. Plain and simple.

You mentioned that every day cops abuse people, beat people up, cross the line, and get away Scott free. How about this; everyday police are verbally abused by the people they serve. Everyday police are physically abused. Everyday police officers are falsely accused of misconduct. Everyday police officers get into automobile accidents responding to emergencies. Everyday police officers have to worry about going home at the end of the shift. Everyday police officers have to worry about overzealous prosecuting attorneys going after them. Everyday police officers are criticised by the media. And some days police officers are killed in the line of duty doing their job.

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