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Friday, July 29, 2011

Congratulations Rev Sharpton

Congratulations Rev. Al Sharpton. You made it to the mainstream as you are now a regular host on MSNBC. It was a hard road for you. You are a perfect fit for the white male, 18-34 years old, college educated, and middle class political junkie.  Your journalism career was almost cut short in 1983 when you attempted to arrainge a cocaine deal with an FBI informant. Then throughout the years you put your credibility on the line fanning the racial flames from one incident to another even if there was no racial overtones. Surprisingly, your credibility was still intact after the Tawana Brawley rape hoax in 1987 where you, C. Vernon Mason, and Alton Maddox claim that Brawley was raped and covered in feces by white Fishkill, NY Police Officers and Dutchess County D.A Steven Pagones. During the height of the hysteria of the fake crime, on television you accused New York Attorney General Robert Abrams of masturbating to a picture of Brawley. What a class act.

The Brawley hoax did not get you down. You went all over the City of New York and the nation looking to make a name for yourself and  cause trouble. From the Crown Heights riots where you gave inflammatory speeches in 1991 degrading Jews, to complaining about "white interlopers" who operate businesses in the black community that provide a product or service, employ black people, and generate tax revenue for the city. The "white interlopers" speech in 1995 led to the death of seven innocent people. Oops, nobody's perfect. Then in 1999, you saw the opportunity for superstardom when 4 white police officers shot and killed an unarmed innocent black man. You tried very, very hard to turn the City of New York into ground zero for a civil war between blacks and whites. Unfortunately Mayor Giuliani foiled your plans. The IRS became jealous of your success and came after you for unpaid taxes. Being such an important leader of the community its easy to forget to pay over one million dollars in taxes. But; you do keep good company. It was known that you were close to Michael Jackson. There is nothing wrong with being friends with a man who was accused of child molestation, twice.

Besides being a community activist, a news analyst, and a radio talk show host, you know how important the First Amendment of the Constitution is as well as the right to free speech. But nobody faulted you for demanding the removal of former CBS Radio and MSNBC personality Don Imus because he said something that was offensive to you. Imus was forced to go on Fox Business Network and take a timeslot on 77 WABC New York. Which is only the biggest AM radio station in the world. You showed him!

Rev. Sharpton, you became very successsful at your chosen profession. As an up and coming broadcast personality I have a few questions.
-How much does your designer suits cost?
-Do you still own that Rolls Royce? What's the gas milage?
-You were vocal concerning Ofc. Peter Del Debbio shooting Ofc. Desmond Robinson and the NYPD shooting Sean Bell. Where you when Det. Rodney Andrews and Det. James Nemorin were shot and killed attempting to get illegal guns off the street and the illegal gun dealer in jail. DID YOU KNOW THAT BOTH DETECTIVES WERE BLACK?!?!?!
-You are a community activist, why are you silent when it comes to daily street crime? Black people are victimized by other black people than any other race.
-As a community activist, why haven't you mentioned illegitmacy, welfare dependency, substance abuse, dropping out of school, crime, and self sufficiency?
-How many jobs have you created with the National Action Network?
-How many kids have you or your organization sent to college?
-How many loans have you given so that people can start a business?
-Does your National Action Network do any charity work?
-Does your organization give money to people to help pay rent, buy groceries, pay utilities, pay for a doctor's visit, or anything of the sort?

Good luck and Godspeed.
"Scoop" Stanton

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rachel Maddow; A RACIST works at MSNBC

Here's a letter to MSNBC personality who raised a stink about so-called racist websites by Caste Football and The Political Cesspool.


You had a segment a while ago citing crazy racist nonsense, going after so-called racist that run websites and radio programs. You went after The Political Cesspool radio show, Caste Football website, America's Third Position Political Party, and the Occidental Quarterly publication. The Political Cesspool host James Edwards challenged you to a debate, at which time you ignored his request. I guess you were too busy stalking US Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell who did not want anything to do with you fearing unfair coverage. James Edwards was so eager to have a face to face meeting with you he did a parody meeting.

Unfortunately: your employer MSNBC decided to hire a real racist. He does not wear a pointed hood. He wears designer suits. He does not drive a pick up truck with a Confederate flag. He drives a Rolls Royce. His name is Rev. Alfred Charles Sharpton. Here is a small sample of Rev. Sharpton's actions.
-1991:  Fanned the flames during Crown Heights Riot
-1995: Spoke of "white interlopers"  shortly before a man set fire to a business killing 7 innocent people.
-1999: Almost brought the City of New York to its knees when 4 white police officers shot an unarmed innocent black man citing racial prejudice of the cops.
-1987: Sharpton participated in a hoax of the rape and assault of Tawana Brawley. Sharpton as well as C. Vernon Mason and Alton Maddox accused white police officers and the District Attorney of the crime that didn't happen. Rev. Sharpton also accused New York Attorney General Robert Abrams of masturbating to a picture of Brawley.
Sharpton has also said numerous racist things throughout the years concerning whites and Jews. Rev. Sharpton also got former MSNBC employee Don Imus off the air for allegedly racist remarks.

Rachel: if I was you, I would demand that MSNBC fire Sharpton and that you would quit if Sharpton still remains an employee of MSNBC.

"Scoop" Stanton

Friday, July 22, 2011

What do all these pictures have in common?

obamacarsmall.jpg  title=
Answer: They are all foreign cars whose owners support Obama!!!!
Way to support American workers. Kudos for supporting union members of the United Auto Workers (UAW).

Chris Matthews- Bitchslapped by Joe Walsh!

Loudmouth moron Tim Matthews who attempts to verbally beat up anyone to the right of Karl Marx picked the wrong motherfucker to mess with. Thank You Rep. Walsh!

Rahm Emmanuel gets mad when asked about children's school

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel get's mad when asked about if he is going to send his children to public school or private schools. The reporter didn't ask what school or where, only if the kids are going to public or private school. We all know the answer. Emmanuel follows a long line of elitist liberals that hate school vouchers and want people who can't afford private school go to shit schools to appease the school unions! As Andrew Wilkow said: "Socialism for the masses, not the Socialist."

Homeland Security; Beware of the white man

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An open letter to Sandra Brodsky d/b/a Sandy Kane

Ms. Brodsky/Kane:

Today; 7/19/11 I heard on the Opie and Anthony show heard on Sirius/XM satellite radio that you have filed a lawsuit in small claims court for $5,000. You allege that Mr. Hughes and Mr. Cumia has ruined guitars, hats, CD's and is responsible for some of your medical bills.

What you don't realize is that Mr. Hughes and Mr. Cumia (and Mr. Norton) have opened their very successful radio show to the millions of listeners like no other radio show in history. They created the Instant Feedback line, opened the phone lines letting fans speak their minds and become part of the show. They also have brought listeners into the studio dozens of times. After the show, the hosts and staff open their personal lives  so that fans can see what they do after the show on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Mr. Cumia even invited fans to his house for his party after an Opie and Anthony fan softball game, where the radio show had nothing to do with it.

With such an open format on the Opie and Anthony show regular listeners have become semi famous such as Pat from Moonache and  Daniel "Bobo" Kurlan. The Opie and Anthony show also gave a boost to talented entertainers such as Louis C.K, Bob Kelly, Patrice O'Neil, Bill Burr, Rich Vos,  and Jim Bruer. And Mr. Hughes, Cumia, and Norton even brought you on the show.

The Opie and Anthony Show has been extremely successful. Millions of people (including myself) pay a fee every month to listen to the show. Advertisers pay top dollar to advertise on the show due to the fact of the enormous size and buying power of the listening audience. People in the radio and television business could only dream of the success of the Opie and Anthony Show.

Mr. Cumia and Mr. Hughes brought you on their live radio show giving you exposure that others in the entertainment industry could only dream of multiple times. The amount of free publicity would cost you literally tens of thousands of dollars. You show your gratitude by dragging these more than generous men into small claims court.

Everything you have at this point in life is because of Mr. Hughes and Mr. Cumia! The Times Square performance success, the appearance on national television, and whatever else you do to earn a living. You can expect a significant drop in income, as well as many job opportunities.

Ms. Brodsky/Kane I decided not to insult you in this letter. The last thing I say to you is may God have mercy on you because the rabid Opie and Anthony fans known as The Pests will not. You will soon find out that you have crossed the wrong people.


Peter "Scoop" Stanton

Monday, July 11, 2011

MSNBC-We're batshit crazy!

Sorry fans I've been busy trying to earn a dollar and keep my family together. I have a confession. I watch MSNBC. Not for the news content, or the commentary, but for the entertainment. MSNBC is the funniest network around! The hosts are off their rocker. Plus that Maddow chick is hot! Recently MSNBC had the hosts make 30 second promos for the network. All evening hosts except Matthews were at a restaurant eating talking about the leftist agenda. Matthews shot his near the White House. Hysterical. Then when Ed Schultz took a vacation (not with the blacks in Atlanta) MSNBC picked journalist extraordinaire Al Sharpton!!! All those wonks in northwest DC and liberals in Upper East and Western Manhattan must have been aroused. I imagine all the Jews throwing yarmulke's in the air! Keep it up MSNBC, you will be the next Air America!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


It's been 10 yeaes since the attack on the Pentagon, yet there are no new pictures or videotape released.

Osama bin Laden was supposedly killed by US Navy SEALS, transported via helicopter to the USS Carl Vinson. Not one GI had a video camera, digital camera or a cell phone to snap a picture.

The only government picture we did see was Anthony Weiner's junk!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The man doing most of the yelling is probably on his way to work at Al Sharpton's National Action Network. New York City Transit; Now going my way.