The future of America

The future of America
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New York State of Mind

The above photo is any town in the State of New York. New York has been in a recession for the past 30 years. Hundreds of thousands of jobs and people left New York including yours truly. Some of the companies left include: Kodak, Xerox, Carrier, General Electric, Mohawk Carpet, Miller Brewing, IBM, and General Motors as well as numerous textile mills. The Empire State is the heaviest taxed and the heaviest regulated state in the union. No jobs, taxes through the roof, and regulations stricter than communist China. Recently the state has been in an uproar. Maybe the taxpayers were fed up? Nope. Maybe a factory threatening to leave? Nope. Try gay marriage. New York State is literally falling apart, while jobs and educated skilled people are moving out like the great migration, and New York can celebrate the fact they legalized gay marriage! Look out Mississippi; New York is coming for you!

Monday, June 27, 2011

The State of the White Middle class

At work today I was thinking about the state of the white middle class with me at the center. Here's my take on the status on the white middle class.
I am almost 40 years old and am making the same amount of money as I did 15 years ago and my my wife and I have no savings. I am working in a dead end job with no hope of advancement, despite my honorable service in the armed forces and my college degree (Master's).  My wife works for the government and hates her job thanks to the uppity black people who are her supervisors. We live in a major metropolitan area. We bought a modest house that cost a fortune in the suburbs to live away from the blacks and for a good school system (low amount of blacks). Instead of black people we get to deal with the illegal aliens from south of the border and the legal immigrants from third world countries in which we have nothing in common with.
My wife and I have a beautiful daughter that we love with all our heart. We would love to expand our family, but we decided we could not afford to have another child, unlike other people. since it is necessary for both my wife and I to work, we have to spend $200 per week for daycare by an Indian family. I asked my county social services if I would be eligible for some childcare assistance. I was told that my wife and I make too much money. For grins and giggles, I asked if I did meet the maximum income requirements, BUT my wife and I were illegal aliens, if we would be eligible. I was told yes as long the child was born in the state I lived in as immigration status is not checked!!
The only and only reason why my family is not in the street is because both sets of our parents are subsidizing us. I can't tell you how embarrassed I am to ask my parents for money, despite wroking for two decades. 
I am a hard worker. however I was downsized. (I took a 50% paycut and agreed to work part time as I took another job for the retirement benefits yet I was still laid off.) While I was working at this job I was falsly accused of racism. This individual threatened my livelyhood. Luckily; I had a supervisior who had my back and stood up for me. I have been going to job fair after job fair with no luck. Most of the employers were low paying service jobs. I really don't see great potenital with Hertz rental agency, or financial planning. One employer that was there I talked to later said that there were no job openings! There were lots of white men over 40 at these job fairs. At one job fair a federal agency that my father worked for almost 40 years was there. I was psyched because dad was successful at this agency. I also had experierence in this field (claims for benefits). I couldn't wait! I walked up to the lady. she said that she was recruiting for lawyers (yuck) and veterans with 30% disability. I explained that I did not have a disability, but I did have experience in what this agency did (and a Master's Degree to boot). This lady did not want to hear it. I became frustrated, and yelled at the lady. "Ma'am, I'm sorry that I served my country and did not become disabled. But, I am a veteran, I have a Master's Degree and have experience in this area, and my father worked for "this agency" for 39 years!!! I guess my military service and dad's service to this agency didn't mean shit to this lady. Thanks dad! 
I inquired about working part time at a local supermarket. I spoke to the store manager and he said the starting wage for floor employees is $7.55 per hour which is 20 cents per hour above minimum wage. AND it was a union shop. needless to say the only people work here are incompetent immigtants.
It's so easy to say that this country is going to hell but it is. America exported all the well paying jobs and imported third world poverty. The middle class sacraficed trillions with Head Start, No child left behind, welfare, AFDC, Foodstamps/EBT, Medicaid, Section 8, morgages, empowerment zones, affirmative action in college placement, jobs, and promotions, and black people are still worse off BEFORE the Brown V. Board decision.
I don't know what's going to happen next but I know I won't like it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Barack Obama turned this economy around

DNC head Debbie Wasseman Schultz said that under the leadership of Barack Obama, he has turned the ecomomy around:

-1 million private sector jobs lost 450,000 government jobs saved
-$14 trillion dollar debt
-GM Bailout: $50 billion
-TARP $25 billion
-$787 billion stimulus bill
-9.1% unemployment rate
-Declining worth of the dollar
-$4.00 gallon of gasoline
-Rising food costs
-State and local governments broke

There's hope in change!

Sean Hannity's show prep

I am no fan of Sean Hannity. He is a so-called conservative, yet he will not tackle real issues such as racial preferences and Jared Taylor's right to free speech.  Below is my conception of the show prep that Hannity and his staff come up with everyday. All items are probably on a post-it and posted on a bulliten board.

 BAD:              GOOD:                GUESTS:               PROMOTE ON AIR:           NOT ALLOWED:
Obama             Republicns         Sarah Palin           Lifelock                                  Race Realists
Pelosi              America               Karl Rove             Premium Membership          Anti-Zionists
Reid                 Troops                Newt Gingrich      Gold coins                             RON PAUL!!!
Democrats      Police                   Dick Morris          New Book                             Stories of minority crime
Media              Israel                   Mitt Romney        Fox News show                     Anti-Muslim anything
                         Fox News

Why liberals don't move to cheap metro areas

Political Cesspool host James Edwards has a post on his website on crackheads in Detroit Edwards asks why don't liberals move to Detroit? I want to ask why white liberals don't move to Detroit but such other places such as Riverdale, GA,(Atlanta), Atlanta, Prince George's County Maryland (DC), Baltimore City, Braddock, PA (Pittsburgh), or other wonderfully diverse areas. These liberals can embrace the wonderful diverse cultures. They can invite their diverse neighbors for dinner parties and cookouts. They can worship in the same churches, and send their children to the same school. Then after a decade or so living in these gorgeous mosaic's the white liberal children can date, marry, and procreate! They can live here next to nothing!for That will show us! Now; when people like me don't want to live with low class minorities because we value clean streets, safe streets, home upkeep, peace and quiet, and  want our children to attend public schools to receive a decent education and not have to worry about our children being physically or sexually attacked we are called racist! But when a liberal is asked why they live in the suburbs, the cite schools. Liberals will not live or send their kids to ghetto schools because deep down they know the truth. Yet these same assholes have a "coexist" bumper sticker on the back of the car!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Coexist this!

Coexist bumper sticker incorporates religious symbols to promote tolerance.

This bumper sticker is pissing me off! In the Washington DC area these bumper stickers are everywhere. These bumper stickers are usually on foreign cars and usually with an Obama bumper sticker. Here's why this bumper sticker is BS. First the Muslims coexist with absolutely nobody. Secondly, look at Israel and Palestine. No strife there. Besides Palestine, all other Muslim countries want to erase Israel off the map. Other conflicts include Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan. Christian Greece and Muslim Turkey. In Africa there is tribal wars like in Sudan and Darfur. In the Congo there's a rape every 48 minutes. In South Africa and Zimbabwe whites are being slaughtered. Here in the US it's not better. The Jews from the ACLU and other anti-American organizations are doing everything in their power to rid all traces of Christianity. Remember the war on Christmas? It was declared by the Jews. The Muslims want to eradicate the Jews, yet the American Jews have declared war on Christianity, despite the fact Jesus was a Jew! It's not only religious ideology. People here are fighting each other based on race. Black and Hispanics in California are at each others throat. Blacks have been slaughtering whites for years now. All races want to live away from each other! Here's the typical "coexist" bumper sticker buyer. A white person driving a foreign car with an Obama sticker, living far, far away from minorities!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why this blog

Why follow another blog? Because if you are like me, you are pissed off. Why would I be pissed off? First: the economy is in the toilet. Like millions of other Americans, I am struggling to keep my family above water. I got more bills than money. I am trying to find better employment, yet like everyone else, having no luck. Secondly; the reason the economy is in the toilet is because the president and congress is doing all it can to ruin it. Nobody has spent their way into prosperity. Instead of slashing the federal budget, slashing the tax code, and cutting regulations, they talk about raising the debt ceiling. Third: Washington is clueless. Its too easy to blame Washington, but nobody wanted the bailouts, stimulus packages, or national health care. Yet we got it. Then people like Nancy Pelosi wonder why people go to tea parties and voted the Democrats out. Fourth: The media. Like everyone else, I am sick of the media lies, including Fox News. The media looks down on us because we don't live in Manhattan, Georgetown, LA, or San Francisco, and vote Democrat. Fifth: the neoconservatives. People like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and the gang at Fox News give real conservatives a bad news. The neocons also look down at us, forgot where they came from, and call us racists. When Jared Taylor from American Renaissance was fighting with Charlotte, NC to hold his convention, nobody from the mainstream right came to Taylor's defense. I attempted to get on the Hannity radio show to talk about a conservative convention that got banned. The call screener hung up on me. Instead these assholes are hawking their premium memberships on their websites, hawking garbage during regular airtime instead of talking, and sticking with the same talking points: "Republican good, Democrat bad, Obama stinks, support our police, and support our troops." Sixth: this once great nation is now a third world flophouse. Last century the people that came here became Americans. They worked their asses off and built this country. They learned English. Today; we have have freeloaders that want everything handed to them. They clog up our schools, hospitals, roads, and neighborhoods. They contribute nothing and will not learn English. Some of these ungrateful people even want part of the US to return to Mexico. Our current immigration policy lets in more Africans than Europeans. Others come here hating America. This is why our neighborhoods look like Haiti, Calcutta, or some other hellhole. Think about it. People are flocking here. Not India, Pakistan, or El Salvador. Seventh: The black underclass. YES: I AM GOING THERE! For too long, these American citizens have been a problem. Cities such as Detroit, East St. Louis, St. Louis, and New Orleans have become war zones. 70% illegitimacy, 50% dropout rate, 50% of the prison population, you come a long way baby! The US taxpayer (you and me) gave these people food stamps (now EBT cards), section 8 housing, housing projects, affirmative action for scholarships, class placements, and jobs, medicaid, and of course welfare. The final cost of all this is in the trillions. And the end result is that the black underclass is exactly where it was when LBJ started the war on poverty. And the black underclass response for all the failures, shortcomings, and problems; either a)racism or b)not enough money. Finally: LIBERALISM. Liberals (not "Progressives") are the main cause of the previously mentioned problems. Liberals with the assistance of neocons spent this nation into bankruptcy. Liberals hate capitalism, Liberals hate what made this nation great. Liberals want more third world garbage coming here. Liberals throw money at the black underclass problem. Liberals see nothing wrong with everything written in English and Spanish. Liberals with the help of unions pushed all the good paying jobs out of the country. Liberals run the media that's why you never see a buffoonish black. Liberals give us diversity training. Liberals hate the military and police. Liberals will do everything in their power to keep the white male down. In other words: LIBERALS SUCK!!!!