The future of America

The future of America
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Saturday, March 7, 2015


This week Israelis Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to Washington to give a speech to both houses of Congress. I would sum it up in one word: disgusting.

For a head of state to visit a nations capital without visiting that head of state is disrespectful. I don't care who the president of either country is. Grant it Obama is no friend of Israel, but he is still our leader. Secondly when Prime Minister Netanyahu walked onto the house floor, the chamber erupted in cheers never seen in that building. Not even our own Medal of Honor recipients received such an applause. And the members were reaching out to touch Netanyahu as if he was Christ himself. It was like The House of Representatives were simultaneously having orgasms for this foreign politician. Talk radio was no better. You thought Sean Hannity was going to call Netanyahu a dreamboat and ask him on a date. 
Of course Netanyahu was rattling the saber for war against Iran, and Congress was eating it up. Poor Bibi couldn't finish a sentence before the chamber gave him another standing ovation. Watching that speech you would think congress was going to have their sons enlist and fight Iran. Nowhere in the speech did Netanyahu said that if Iran attacked Israel,that the Iraeli Defense Forces and the Mossad would wipe Iran off the face of the earth, or Israel will fight hand in hand with US forces. The prime minister might have said that during one of many standing ovations. That's what we need, more occupation of a Middle East nation. I guess Iraq and Afghanistan were not enough. This means more troops, more deployments more money. Obama already gutted the military and our southern border is unguarded.

Now why would we fight Iran on the behalf of Israel. Israel has no natural resources, no industry to speak of and a small trading partner. We have no military in Israel despite its prime location. We give Israel billions annually in aid despite a multi trillion dollar debt. And what has Israel done for the U.S? In 1967 Israel attacked a US Navy ship to get us involved in the war with Egypt. Also Jonathan Pollard gave damaging secrets to Israel, and Israel lobbied heavily to get Pollard's punishment reduced. But during all the crisis' the U.S. endured, Israel has never stepped up. When the USS Cole was attacked, September 11th, earthquakes, forest fires, Katrina and Sandy, Israel never called to help. 

And finally all day everyday I hear, "I stand with Israel." And,  "there is no greater ally of Israel than the United States." But I never heard Jews say, "I stand with the U.S." Or the U.S. has no greater ally than Israel."