The future of America

The future of America
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The best tweets from the George Zimmerman trial

The trial of Geroge Zimmerman trial has produces some funny tweets. Here are the tweets from Anthony Cumia @AnthonyCumia, Pat Dollard: @PatDollard and myself, @AmericanScoop. More to come, enjoy!


God damn worst time for a dentist appt ever!! I'm missing this!!! She still on the stand???

Home, anyone think the prosecution has any faith in this slob?

I've never seen tar paper used as a hair product.

She confused! She think the jury is what in her ears.

RT . fuck you, racist piece of shit -haha, I win.

RT you are judging someone because you are what? Who? -And you defend her why? Oh, THAT'S right...

RT Anfernee, you be soundin like wet grass right now. -Haha! Wet grass sound!

RT ....Rachel Jeantel is real. She is telling it like it is. -Holy fuck. What trial was this dummy watching?

RT why can't anyone tell me what made him suspicious? -He fit the profile of every person that had broken into houses.

RT so emotionally attached to this case. Try not to kill yourself if/when GZ is found guilty. -Me? Facts. You? Race.

obnoxious, uneducated, disrespectful, dishonest, ignorant waste of space. She's given a pass on all this because she's black

A yng black woman acts uneducated & barely has a grasp of the English language after 11yrs of school, the media calls it "Keeping it real"?

Did she just say "That real retardit sir"??? Hahaha

RT No read/write cursive? Dont schools teach that @ a young age? -Im sure they replaced that w/some Afrocentric horse shit


They need to bring this broad in to translate when 's gangsta girlfriend testifies again today

Too bad Zimmerman couldn't've shot the girlfriend along with .

If I had any doubt that was a mini-thug drug dealer, has put those to rest. What a filthy hood rat.

That's why hood rat Rachel Jeantel felt so guilty, didn't go to funeral. Her angry ass said to , "Beat that crackers ass!"

Think about it. What do you think that angry, racist fat bitch said to when he said there's a white man following me? Really?

No once did the corrupt Zimmerman trial judge admonish Rachel Jeantel yesterday. What does that tell you?

puts the b-i-a-s in big-ass.

Why is there such a medieval influence in black slang? All this axing and beheading.

I wonder if the judge put up at her house last night.

Look at . She didn't want to see 's body because it would've made her hungry.

If could afford a mirror she wouldn't be so arrogant.

is MUCH different than yesterday. 40 pounds heavier, at least.


I don't think Rachel Jeantel knows her own name.

The trial will be catered by

The trial should be produced by the people who brought us Lae and Order

im not calling anyone a hoodrat. I was just retweeting the truth.

Jeantel was "keeping it real, real dumb"

Look for to become a correspondent or panelist on

Look for to use the .

is very soft spoken on the witness stand. I'm sure she sounds like an air raid siren when her favorite restaurant is closed!

Prediction; will accuse of racism as he tried to find out what the hell is talking about.

Some star witness. She was not even at the scene!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Keeping us safe ass!

The NSA spying scandal is supposed to keep us safe. The NSA is only keeping our phone records and will refer to them in case a significant event happens. To this I say: bullshit! Alex Jones was claiming that the feds were listening on us more than we know about it. Now he's probably right again. Now another whistle blower says the NSA was blackmailing high ranking government officials. The feds are claiming that the eavesdropping program helped stop 50 bomb plots. Again I raise the bullshit flag. Let's review the 4th amendment:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Besides the obvious 4th amendment violation, if the data collection program was so good then:
  • The Boston bombers, the Times Square (failed) bomber and Maj. Nadal Hassan would have been foiled
  • The amount of narcotics (especially opium) would fall dramatically
  • Anybody having anything dealing with child pornography would be locked up like yesterday
  • Human trafficking would come to a standstill
  • Coyotes smuggling illegal immigrants would be stopped
As we know none of this has happened. Folks we are living in a real life version of V for Vendetta. It's time to get a Guy Fawkes mask.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

What the F@@K!

The lady above is Marita Nelson. she's an illegal immigrant living here in the US and living on welfare for 20 years! she receives Social Security, Medicaid, Section 8, and food stamps/EBT. Read that again; an illegal immigrant living in America receiving welfare benefits for twenty years!!!!!!!! Obama and Congress want 11,000,000 plus of these people a "pathway to citizenship." These people could vote, and receive more welfare benefits as well as be able to work in civil service jobs and receive more welfare benefits. I wish the "gang of 8" would go into Washington Heights, South Central or the US/Mexico border. 

Let's take a look at our situation; America is in $17 trillion dollars in debt, there is no budget, cities and states are going broke, the economy is still in the toilet, our factories moved to China, our Department of defense is being gutted, NASA doesn't go into space anymore, and we have more people on food stamps that at any time in history. Medicaid and Social Security is going broke. The government has turned their guns on the taxpaying middle class with the TSA, IRS, and NSA. The government bought millions of rounds of ammunition yet leave the southern border open. 

Now here's my situation. My wife and I live in the Washington, DC area. We both make a decent living. We bought a house below market value in a county with decent schools and safe neighborhoods. We had to decide between expensive house closer to work or more house for less money but more money for gas, repair and more car purchases. We seen our food bill skyrocket. Besides food we have to pay for cable, phone, internet (basic bundle package), cell phone (basic package with a discount), electricity, gas, credit cards (mostly baby stuff), student loan, and day care ($1,000 per month). My daycare provider is one of the cheapest provider around. My wife drives a 2010 car that we bought in 2013, and with a huge trade in. My car is 10 years old. We do not eat out in fancy restaurants, buy flashy clothes or electronics, or take vacations. We don't smoke and I occasionally drink. I clip coupons and spend lots of time at Costco for detergents, paper products, and dry goods. We spent our tax refunds on tires for my car and home improvements. We have no savings, no college fund for our daughter, only one child. We live from paycheck to paycheck and over 75% of my paycheck go to the mortgage........And I consider myself one of the lucky ones!