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The future of America
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Monday, December 23, 2013

Phil Robertson; America's breaking point

Does this man look like he gives a shit!? 

Unless you just got rescued off a desert island, you know Duck Dynasty co-star Phil Robertson was suspended about remarks about homosexuality he made to GQ magazine. The interview can be read here.
Radical gay group GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) went after Robertson. GLAAD makes a name for itself by going after anyone that says anything that doesn't agree to its radical agenda, including jokes. Comedian Tracy Morgan and director Brett Ratner were two of the many victims of GLAAD's smear campaign. Duck Dynasty is a ratings juggernaut, so GLAAD smelled blood and complained to A&E network. A&E immediately caved and suspended Robertson immediately. Cracker Barrel restaurants which sell Duck Dynasty gear in its stores pulled its merchandise.

And then it began: The internet blew up on the news. Drudge, Infowars, The Political Cesspool, Brietbart were only a handful of website that reported the news. A Facebook group supporting Robertson and urging boycotting A&E received over 1.5 million likes in less than a week! Despite a Duck Dynasty marathon, ratings dropped on A&E. Cracker Barrel decided to put Duck Dynasty gear back on its shelves. Duck Dynasty gear were flying off the shelves at Walmart. And GLAAD has been receiving a backlash it has never seen before. 

The Robertson saga is taking place for one reason: Americans are sick and tired of being told what they can not say. they are sick of the garbage coming out of the mainstream media. We get MSNBC, Dharma and Greg, Modern Family and Good Christian Bitches! Anything Americans say in flyover country is either racist, sexist, or homophobic. And they are sick of it. Hopefully Phil Robertson is the tip of the iceberg!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A letter to Rachel Maddow

Dr. Maddow:

I went on Youtube to look up a clip of a former NYPD Detective on CNN telling the hosting staff to stay away from blacks to avoid increasing their chances of being victim of the Knockout Game. Instead I came up with this:

The above video talks about Glenn Beck coming to Washington on the Anniversary of MLK's famous speech in Washington. I too have issues with Glenn Beck doing things for Glenn Beck. but what really struck me was your reporting of a group from Maine putting out information of the mass transit system in Washington known as WMATA (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority) or simply Metro. The group advises the potential attendees to avoid certain parts of the transit system that are criminally prone. You mock the group and make jokes. Obviously you have not ventured or east or south  of the L'Enfant Plaza station. Or if you have, you mislead all 30 of your viewers in not stating that you indeed have visited some of those other stations, and you got the hell out of dodge. You mention nothing of Anacostia, Naylor Road, Fort Totten, Minnesota Ave, Deanwood,  Benning Road, Capitol Heights, and Cheverly. The Green Line is infamous in being the most dangerous line in the District. You working on U Street should know that. But since you are young, white, hip, gay, and liberal, you have no business or intention to get off at those stations. Your stops include: DuPont Circle, Woodley Park, Farragut North, Foggy Bottom, Farragut west and No-Ma/Galludet (formerly New York Ave). Below are some clips of those of those places I mentioned and you don't visit:

Funny; I didn't see too many hipsters, wonks or even your MSNBC co-hosts based in DC Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, or even the Diversity lover Chris Matthews!

As for telling your viewers that the visitors for Glenn Beck's speech will limit themselves to Northwest DC and showing only a very small section of Washington is sickening. Look below:

Northwest Washington is the biggest part of the District!

You madam are not a journalist. You are not an entertainer. You are an angry person with a far left agenda and will blatantly lie to try to get your point across. I tell you what; keep doing what you are doing because you are giving me so much material for The Political Cesspool. I just wish your sponsors would see their diminished returns when they buy ad space on your time slot. Their dollar would go so much farther on Liberty News Radio.

Scoop Stanton

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Virginia is now north of the Mason-Dixon Line

First of all Ken Cuccinelli has NOTHING to be ashamed about! He was outspent by his opponents including labor unions, special interests and super PAC's. The mainstream media has called Cuccinelli everything but a child of God. McAuliff had current and former presidents among other celebrities that have nothing to do with Old Dominion campaign with Terry McAuliffe. Since Cuccinelli did not tow the GOP party line, no big endorsements. Then the Libertarians ran a candidate also. All that and McAuliffe only won by less than 55,000 votes! 

That being said look at the above chart. Hampton Roads, which include Norfolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News, Chesapeake, and Suffolk are majority black and (surprise) vote Democrat. Ditto for Richmond City and Henrico County.But look at the top of the chart. The area called Northern Virginia. All McAuliffe. This is where I live. And I hate it! The people who live in Northern Virginia are either immigrants not from Europe or refugees from Northeastern or Midwestern states. These people are from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and other parts. These people voted leftist Democrat all their life and the once great jobs are gone, so these leftists move to Old Dominion and work for the government! Truth be told I lived in New York state from birth until my enlistment in the Navy in 2000. I will not be moving back. These people have nothing in common with Virginia. These pinko's don't know anything about ham, peanuts, tobacco, or wine. These people want to take the right of other Virginians to bear arms! These people all complain why isn't Virginia like their old shit state!

Now with the major demographic shift, what Northern Virginia wants, Northern Virginia gets! To put it in simpler terms: Virginia is fucked!!!!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Liberalism is a virus (d/b/a The second War of Northern Aggression)

Michael Savage nailed it when he said: "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder." Well I say it is a virus. It does nobody any good and it spreads. Take California. a liberal's wet dream. It had high taxes, a Cadillac welfare program, and an sanctuary program where it will not only not deport any illegal alien, but not deny any illegal alien any welfare benefits. The result: evil businesses left California. and people in California need to eat, so they go out to Washington, Oregon, and Colorado where those states get to experience deadly liberalism!

Now take the Northeast and parts of the Midwest. You have good blue states of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan. Those states taxed and regulated businesses right out of town! The result: mass migration to Washington, DC. It's one thing to migrate to DC or Maryland which love to tax and spend, but now people are migrating to Virginia. Virginia used to be reddest of red states. But no more. Northern Virginia where I live have nothing in common with the rest of Old Dominoin. They might as well call it Southwest DC. All these motherfuckers that taxed and regulated themselves out of jobs and a decent standard of living move to Virginia; a right to work state! Now with the majority of Virginians living in ultra blue Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William Counties, the political landscape will turn Virginia once solid red to purple to blue.

Today residents of Old Dominion get to choose a new governor. They can either choose interloper from New York Terry McCauliffe, who's claim to fame is run the Democrat party during the Clinton administration. Can you say turning the Lincoln bedroom into a hot sheet motel? Or you can choose lifelong Virginia resident Ken Cuccinelli who was a strong law and order Attorney General.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

An open letter to Karen Lewis; President CTU

Dear Ms. Lewis:

I recently came across a clip of a speech of you gave in June about cuts to the Chicago Public schools at the City Club of Chicago. It can be seen here. Here is where I have a bone to pick with you:

"Who will be impacted the most? Teachers of color, tenured teachers, and older, more highly educated employees."
-Who agreed to that contract to lay off people based on color, and people with seniority? With layoffs it's usually the least senior people who get let go first regardless of race.

"When will there be an honest conversation about poverty, and racism, and inequality that hinders the delivery of an education product in out school system?" 
-There has been conversation after conversation about poverty, racism, and inequality for years. However any conversation by people like Jared Taylor, Sam Francis, James Edwards, Richard Spencer, Neal Boortz, Michael Savage are all shouted down as racist when talking about the above mentioned subject. Then when black people talk about it like Jesse Lee Peterson, and James Manning, they are shouted down as Uncle Tom's and sellouts. Besides the CPS school budget is over five billion dollars! How much more do you need?

"...Rich, white people think think that they know what's in the best interest of children of African-American and Latinos, no matter what the parents income or education level."
-Those rich, white people know that those African-American and Latino children need a two parent family, and need a decent education including reading, writing and arithmetic, without fear of being a crime victim. This is something that the CTU and CPS fails to provide year after year.

"And when did all these venture capitalist become so interested in the lives of minority students in the first place? There's something about these folks who love the kids, but hate their parents."
-Maybe those venture capitalists are sick and tired of seeing generation after generation of minority kids end up in the criminal justice system, end up in the welfare system and end up living in poverty, because the War on Poverty has failed. Maybe the venture capitalists are sick and tired of hearing excuse after excuse from the parents on why CPS are terrible, and why there is so much crime in the minority neighborhoods, and are blamed for not paying enough in taxes to help the poor, minority citizens. The US has spend $15,000,000,000,000 dollars to help the poor. And we still have poor people!

"There's something about these folks that use little black and brown children as stage props at one press conference, while announcing they want to fire, lay off, or lock up their parents at another press conference."
-First off, your choice of president and fellow Chicago resident Barack Obama has used people as stage props plenty of times. See it here, here, and here. And what is wrong for calling for the removal of incompetent people or people who are a menace to society, regardless of race? Do we give those people a free pass because of skin color?

"If you look at the majority of the tax base for property taxes in Chicago, they're mostly white, who don't have a real interest in paying for the education of poor black and brown children."
-I could look at it two ways. First do the black and brown of Chicago have an interest in paying for the education of rich white children of the city? Secondly: they do not want to pay! The Chicago Public Schools is an abysmal failure! The middle class and upper class moved out because the City cannot educate or protect their children while in school. You mayor sends his kids to private schools!

I hope you are able to motivate your fellow teachers in turning Chicago schools around. Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Yours Truly:
Peter "Scoop" Stanton
Washington, DC Correspondent
The Political Cesspool Radio Program

Thursday, September 12, 2013

When will it end.....

Most of us will remember the "AIDS Epidemic" when thousands of gay men were dying of a newly discovered and very deadly disease. Then there was the "Crack Epidemic" where a very cheap and highly addictive form of cocaine hit the inner cities causing crime to skyrocket. Now there is another epidemic that is costing law abiding, productive Americans their lives. I'll talk about that in just a moment.

Most of us remember James Byrd. A black man dragged to his death by two degenerates, both of whom was white. We also remember Howard beach. A quiet, well to do white section of Queens. One black man was hit and killed on the highway running for his life when another man was beaten. Today everyone knows about Hispanic/white George Zimmerman shooting and killing Trayvon Martin. A black 17 year old teenager. Then there was the Duke University rape hoax where a black woman accused a group of white men

The epidemic I am talking about is BLACK ON WHITE CRIME. American's are being SLAUGHTERED in the streets. Since Obama was elected president, savage blacks feel that they have a hall pass to wreak havoc in our streets. Here's a short list of those who lives were taken by blacks: Autumn Pasquale, Marley Lion, Lawrence Howse, Jeffery Babbit, Delbert "Shorty" Belton, Christopher Lane, and of course Christopher Newsome and Channon Christian.

How bad is the violence? Put it this way. Years ago groups like The Political Cesspool, the CofCC, AMREN, and SBPDL would report o black on white crime. Then Alex Jones, Michael Savage, and Matt Drudge were mentioning the crime. Even black people are mentioning the hooliganism by blacks. Just look at James David Manning. Meanwhile the mainstream media were silent and the neocons are constantly talking about blacks coming to the GOP! Now: Sean Hannity is talking about black on white crime and the dish rag called the New York Daily News is reporting on black on white crime! This is the same paper that did a hit piece on Frank Borzellieri.

This is not just an American phenomenon. The UK, France and especially South Africa can experience the joys of diversity too.

Mark my words; people will be getting fed up and  one black male will try to assault the wrong crazy assed cracker. . This individual will make Bernie Goetz look like a board member of the SPLC. Am I advocating violence to others? No. I'm just saying you can only push white American's just so far. A perfect example: a handful of rabble rousing Muslims want to raise a ruckus and call for a rally on 9/11 in DC. ONE MILLION BIKERS roared into DC with no permit to let them know that they will not be silent!!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Shorty" Belton fought for THIS!?!?

Delbert "Shorty" Belton served his country by fighting in Okinawa during World War II. This month. "Shorty" was murdered by two "youths." Here's a quick look on what Shorty ended up fighting for.

-A nation with a welfare system that is second to none where people who do not work do better than most people who do work, and the working man has to pick up the tab.

-A nation that did end segregation, but now his children and grandchildren are treated second class citizens with affirmative action which means less deserving people get scholarships, class placements, jobs and job promotions just because of skin color or gender.

-A nation that has no more manufacturing. We no longer forge steel, build cars. make textiles, or appliances.

-A nation that vilifies his brother soldiers because they want the government to follow the constitution that they swore an oath to defend.Meanwhile foreign invaders are treated better than our soldiers.

-A nation with major cities that look like war zones. These cities were not devastated by foreign armies, but the residents themselves.

-A place where he has to press the number one to speak to someone in English.

-A place where men can marry men and women can marry women with the blessing of the state.

-A nation with the some of the world's worst public schools.

-A nation where people of one color is being slaughtered by a groups of people of another color.

-A media that is treasonous.

-A nation that taxes its productive citizens to death yet the government is broke.

-A government that has declared war on Christianity.

Now if we could show our boys standing outside the local armed forces recruiting office back in the 1940's, I'm sure the line would be much, much, shorter.

Rest in Peace Shorty. Thank you for putting your life on the line for this once great country.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


...but could be. I am a white male. I didn't ask to be born this way but I am. I make no apologies for it either. Now the dust has settled on the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case, a college student from Australia was jogging on a street in Oklahoma. He was minding his business, not bothering anybody, committing no crime. Three black teenagers shot and killed Chris Lane because they were "bored." Chris Lane is just as dead as Trayvon Martin. Except now MSNBC will not provide round the clock coverage of the investigation and subsequent trial. Nancy Grace will not yell and scream using profanity on the air and make false accusations of the accused using stereotypes. There will be no accusations of racism and the shooter and his families will not have to run for their life because Spike Lee gives an address real or false. But Chris Lane is still dead! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A tale of 2 children's entertainment centers!

This is a review of Kids Junction in Chantilly, VA I visited on 8/17/13 and Chuck E. Cheese's #084 on 8/18/13. It is not objective, but 100% honest!

At Kids Junction in Chantilly, VA the facility was absolutely spotless and well lit. We paid our admission fee for our daughter and entered. Kids Junction provided a very large slide/jungle gym covered with padding. There were also some arcade games, a toddler play area, a play area that allows kids to pretend to work at a post office, an animal hospital, a supermarket, and pizza place. There were also mechanical animal rides available for $1.50, as well a play area for the little, little ones. There is also a snack bar with a limited menu. The staff is plentiful and approachable. Those staff members not tasked with something  were in the play area looking after the safety of the children. There were separate rooms for birthday parties. There is also an area for adults to enjoy a refreshment and use the free Wi-Fi. The place is constantly being cleaned. The owner/manager was even cleaning the tables with Clorox wipes to ensure cleanliness and  sanitation. The restrooms were also spotless.

Meanwhile at store #084 called Chuck E. Cheese's on Main Street in Fairfax, VA I was greeted with the usual musty smell, and no cover charge and a sign reading no firearms allowed! (due to proximity of violence). The place was very crowded and had 5-4 children's birthday parties in full swing. I ordered my food and sat by the birthday party tables. My table was not cleaned recently. The two tables behind me and one next to me were also dirty. I used my cell phone stop watch to see how long before a staff member would wife off the table. I stopped after 40 minutes! (As my family was leaving the tables were still not wiped down!) I looked down at the wall to wall carpeting; filthy! As my family waited a long while for our pizza, the birthday party tables had pie after pie brought to the tables. Each party had a staff member tending to any and every need. (Note: the Chuck E. Cheese's staff treat parents at birthday parties like a high roller at a casino; read: tip$) My daughter came back to our table when our pizza came stating someone stole her tokens! While my family was eating our sub-par pizza, a staff member dressed as Chuck E. Cheese came out! The policy is to have a staff member dressed as Chuck E. Cheese come out every hour half past the hour. The staff member came out to entertain the birthday crowds. My daughter who did not have a birthday wanted to meet Chuck E. Cheese in the worst way. I had to hold her back as not to disrupt the birthday celebrations. After the birthday script was done, did Chuck E. Cheese mingle with the rest of the crowd including the family that spent thousands at that store as well those who spent much less? Hell no! That motherf@#$er went to the back! So the other children who did not have a birthday were short; again!

Folks it's up to you where to spend your hard earned money. Either at a clean place where the management has a young one, or a place that has a reputation for filth and violence!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I am not Trayvon Martin

There is a website called We are not Trayvon Martin. It's a website for guilty whites apologize for the Zimmerman verdict. Here is my post:

I want to tell you of my experiences and observations in post-racial America. I am a white male in my 40’s that has lived and worked with black people all of my adult life. I have lived in majority minorities cities by choice. I have lived in The Bronx, Yonkers, Norfolk, and Portsmouth, VA.I made cross country trips to visit a close friend in Watts! I have worked in some of the most dangerous and depressing places this country has seen; by choice. My reward: I have been called everything but a child of God, even the dreaded N-WORD! I have been called racist more times than I can remember. My livelihood was threatened by a black man who falsely accused me of racism.

With my life experiences I have made some interesting observations. In 1992 after the 4 Los Angeles Police Officers were acquitted of assault of Rodney King, black people rioted and burned down their own neighborhood. While the city was still smoldering, people were wondering how welfare checks were going to be delivered. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina slammed New Orleans. The city descended into chaos. Residents huddled into the New Orleans Superdome were subject to rape, murder, and gunshots. White people had to huddle together and stand watch to protect the women from rape. Meanwhile the Superdome became an open sewer. At the convention Center, thousands of able bodied people were standing around waiting for someone from the government to help. Meanwhile other able bodied adults took to looting and shooting at first responders. No electricity, no clean water, flooded streets and people felt the need to take beer and televisions! Today, George Zimmerman was found not guilty and black people took to rioting in Oakland, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and other cities.

There are other things I have noticed. Certain neighborhoods that are known as dangerous are majority black. They include: Bedford-Stuyvesant, East New York, South Chicago, South Memphis, Anacostia, Park Place (Norfolk). The neighborhood my grandmother grew up in was once the jewel of the city. Now it is a ghetto. Even entire cities are considered dangerous: they include: Detroit, Atlanta, East St. Louis, Camden, Baltimore, and Newark. Those cities are majority black. Also black people make 13% of the US population but 50% of the prison population. Blacks are more likely to commit crimes against whites and other blacks than whites. It’s in black neighborhoods that restaurants and liquor stores have a barrier between customer and employee. It’s overwhelming black people that try to shake me down for money. Its young blacks that go to the mall and start fights for overpriced sneakers. Then when they spend money at the mall and have shopping bag after shopping bag, they beat the fare for the bus or subway! When I listen to police radio traffic online, the majority of people the police are looking for, chasing or in custody is black. The number one excuse for these failing neighborhoods and cities: racism. The solution: more social spending. I guess the first $19 trillion wasn’t enough. Some cities are experiencing gentrification. Developers are fixing up dilapidated buildings in poor black neighborhoods attracting young, white professionals changing the demographics of the area. The result: blacks are upset that whites are moving in!

What really, really makes me mad is not the events I have described above, but the guilty white liberals who do things such as post on this website, preach diversity, tolerance, white privilege, while living away as far away from black people as possible! It’s the guilty white liberals that scream, “We are all Trayvon,” drive their hybrids with Coexist bumper stickers, vote for Obama twice, while living in white neighborhoods. When is the last time, you have seen a Coexist sticker in the ‘hood? When you call these hypocrites out on it they say they want to send their children to “good schools.” That’s code for overwhelmingly white schools. Don’t black parents want to send their kids to good schools too? Tim Wise is an anti-racism expert who degenerates white people. He lives in a 97% white neighborhood! If we want to have a real conversation about race, we must start with the guilty white people first!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The best tweets from the George Zimmerman trial

The trial of Geroge Zimmerman trial has produces some funny tweets. Here are the tweets from Anthony Cumia @AnthonyCumia, Pat Dollard: @PatDollard and myself, @AmericanScoop. More to come, enjoy!


God damn worst time for a dentist appt ever!! I'm missing this!!! She still on the stand???

Home, anyone think the prosecution has any faith in this slob?

I've never seen tar paper used as a hair product.

She confused! She think the jury is what in her ears.

RT . fuck you, racist piece of shit -haha, I win.

RT you are judging someone because you are what? Who? -And you defend her why? Oh, THAT'S right...

RT Anfernee, you be soundin like wet grass right now. -Haha! Wet grass sound!

RT ....Rachel Jeantel is real. She is telling it like it is. -Holy fuck. What trial was this dummy watching?

RT why can't anyone tell me what made him suspicious? -He fit the profile of every person that had broken into houses.

RT so emotionally attached to this case. Try not to kill yourself if/when GZ is found guilty. -Me? Facts. You? Race.

obnoxious, uneducated, disrespectful, dishonest, ignorant waste of space. She's given a pass on all this because she's black

A yng black woman acts uneducated & barely has a grasp of the English language after 11yrs of school, the media calls it "Keeping it real"?

Did she just say "That real retardit sir"??? Hahaha

RT No read/write cursive? Dont schools teach that @ a young age? -Im sure they replaced that w/some Afrocentric horse shit


They need to bring this broad in to translate when 's gangsta girlfriend testifies again today

Too bad Zimmerman couldn't've shot the girlfriend along with .

If I had any doubt that was a mini-thug drug dealer, has put those to rest. What a filthy hood rat.

That's why hood rat Rachel Jeantel felt so guilty, didn't go to funeral. Her angry ass said to , "Beat that crackers ass!"

Think about it. What do you think that angry, racist fat bitch said to when he said there's a white man following me? Really?

No once did the corrupt Zimmerman trial judge admonish Rachel Jeantel yesterday. What does that tell you?

puts the b-i-a-s in big-ass.

Why is there such a medieval influence in black slang? All this axing and beheading.

I wonder if the judge put up at her house last night.

Look at . She didn't want to see 's body because it would've made her hungry.

If could afford a mirror she wouldn't be so arrogant.

is MUCH different than yesterday. 40 pounds heavier, at least.


I don't think Rachel Jeantel knows her own name.

The trial will be catered by

The trial should be produced by the people who brought us Lae and Order

im not calling anyone a hoodrat. I was just retweeting the truth.

Jeantel was "keeping it real, real dumb"

Look for to become a correspondent or panelist on

Look for to use the .

is very soft spoken on the witness stand. I'm sure she sounds like an air raid siren when her favorite restaurant is closed!

Prediction; will accuse of racism as he tried to find out what the hell is talking about.

Some star witness. She was not even at the scene!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Keeping us safe ass!

The NSA spying scandal is supposed to keep us safe. The NSA is only keeping our phone records and will refer to them in case a significant event happens. To this I say: bullshit! Alex Jones was claiming that the feds were listening on us more than we know about it. Now he's probably right again. Now another whistle blower says the NSA was blackmailing high ranking government officials. The feds are claiming that the eavesdropping program helped stop 50 bomb plots. Again I raise the bullshit flag. Let's review the 4th amendment:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Besides the obvious 4th amendment violation, if the data collection program was so good then:
  • The Boston bombers, the Times Square (failed) bomber and Maj. Nadal Hassan would have been foiled
  • The amount of narcotics (especially opium) would fall dramatically
  • Anybody having anything dealing with child pornography would be locked up like yesterday
  • Human trafficking would come to a standstill
  • Coyotes smuggling illegal immigrants would be stopped
As we know none of this has happened. Folks we are living in a real life version of V for Vendetta. It's time to get a Guy Fawkes mask.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

What the F@@K!

The lady above is Marita Nelson. she's an illegal immigrant living here in the US and living on welfare for 20 years! she receives Social Security, Medicaid, Section 8, and food stamps/EBT. Read that again; an illegal immigrant living in America receiving welfare benefits for twenty years!!!!!!!! Obama and Congress want 11,000,000 plus of these people a "pathway to citizenship." These people could vote, and receive more welfare benefits as well as be able to work in civil service jobs and receive more welfare benefits. I wish the "gang of 8" would go into Washington Heights, South Central or the US/Mexico border. 

Let's take a look at our situation; America is in $17 trillion dollars in debt, there is no budget, cities and states are going broke, the economy is still in the toilet, our factories moved to China, our Department of defense is being gutted, NASA doesn't go into space anymore, and we have more people on food stamps that at any time in history. Medicaid and Social Security is going broke. The government has turned their guns on the taxpaying middle class with the TSA, IRS, and NSA. The government bought millions of rounds of ammunition yet leave the southern border open. 

Now here's my situation. My wife and I live in the Washington, DC area. We both make a decent living. We bought a house below market value in a county with decent schools and safe neighborhoods. We had to decide between expensive house closer to work or more house for less money but more money for gas, repair and more car purchases. We seen our food bill skyrocket. Besides food we have to pay for cable, phone, internet (basic bundle package), cell phone (basic package with a discount), electricity, gas, credit cards (mostly baby stuff), student loan, and day care ($1,000 per month). My daycare provider is one of the cheapest provider around. My wife drives a 2010 car that we bought in 2013, and with a huge trade in. My car is 10 years old. We do not eat out in fancy restaurants, buy flashy clothes or electronics, or take vacations. We don't smoke and I occasionally drink. I clip coupons and spend lots of time at Costco for detergents, paper products, and dry goods. We spent our tax refunds on tires for my car and home improvements. We have no savings, no college fund for our daughter, only one child. We live from paycheck to paycheck and over 75% of my paycheck go to the mortgage........And I consider myself one of the lucky ones!