The future of America

The future of America
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Family gatherings SUCK!!!!!

It's that time again; the Holiday Season. Where all the family members get together to give thanks and share a lifetime of memories that will last forever. BULLSHIT!!! Now is the time to sit in traffic on the highways, get molested by TSA to be shoved into a flying cattle car called airplanes that you overpaid for to be with a bunch of people you don't really care for. Let's look at the typical American family:
-Dad: Drinks too much and hits mom because of her bad cooking and lack of sex.
-Mom: Pops too many pills and sleeps around with both men and women.
-The kids: Misdiagnosed ADD, ADHD, learning Disabled, retarded, etc. because the schools are too lazy to do the proper job. Has every toy imaginable because mom and dad are too lazy to raise their kids.
-Grandpa: Was never afraid to use the belt at the drop of a hat. Became very upset when blacks moved into the neighborhood decades ago.
-Grandma: Kept head in sand for decades as grandpa beat kids and lamented about minorities.
-"Strange Uncle": Every family has one. This is the man that lives at home with mom and dad so long that mom and dad dies. This uncle never gets married, never has a steady girlfriend, and is court ordered to stay 500 feet away from schools due to a "misunderstanding." This uncle coaches and officiate baseball games, soccer games, Pop Warner football games, and hockey games despite not having any kids, having no athletic ability, and being in terrible shape.
There you have it folks; Happy Holidays America!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Penn State fans: You suck!!!

Warning: This blog contains language that normal adults use. Use it everywhere.

If you rallied around Joe Paterno's house when the sex with little boys scandal broke out, you're an asshole. Ditto if you were in the riot when Paterno got fired. Ditto when you bought a blue shirt and bought a ticket for the last home game. The entire Penn State administration is covering up Jerry Sandusky's child raping because the Penn State football program was bringing up too much money! A child rape scandal comes out, and the football coaching staff covers it up as well as the administration of Penn State. If you were caught up in a scandal, Penn State, especially "JoePa" wouldn't do shit for you. But you still support Penn State. Now if Penn State had a football program like Maryland, you would burn down Paterno's house and lynch Sandusky! When the Catholic Church scandal broke, all of you were in shock and dismay. But when the Penn State football scandal came out, you bought a shirt and went to the game. No wonder there's more people at the football game than church!

Monday, November 7, 2011

What America Lost: Manufacturing

Remember when cities like Detroit and Cleveland were boom towns. America used to make everything, and the middle class flourished. In 1965 manufacturing was 53% of the economy. In 2004, its just 9%! Why did manufacturing jobs leave? Here's why: 1) Unions. 2)Government regulations. EPA, Labor, Workers' Compensation, EEO, etc. 3)Taxes. 4) Trade agreements that allow foreign goods flood America while our goods are prohibited from foreign markets. 5) More efficient transportation makes it faster and cheaper to have goods made overseas than right here. The end result: the middle class is vanishing. Our cities are falling apart. Here's a short list of cities affected by manufacturing and the companies that left town.
Schenectady, NY: General Electric (GE has more employees working outside the US than in it)
Utica, NY: General Electric
Detroit: GM, Ford, Chrysler and all other car plants.
Syracuse, NY: Carrier Corp
Rochester, NY: Kodak, and Xerox
Flint, MI: GM
Braddock, PA: US Steel
Sherrill, NY: Oneida Siversmiths
Dyersburg, Tennessee; Quad Graphics
Reno, Nevada; Quad Graphics
Clarksville, Tennessee;Quad Graphics
 Lebanon, Ohio; Quad Graphics
 Corinth, Mississippi Quad Graphics
Kenosha, WI; Chrysler 

When it will end!?!