The future of America

The future of America
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Monday, November 7, 2011

What America Lost: Manufacturing

Remember when cities like Detroit and Cleveland were boom towns. America used to make everything, and the middle class flourished. In 1965 manufacturing was 53% of the economy. In 2004, its just 9%! Why did manufacturing jobs leave? Here's why: 1) Unions. 2)Government regulations. EPA, Labor, Workers' Compensation, EEO, etc. 3)Taxes. 4) Trade agreements that allow foreign goods flood America while our goods are prohibited from foreign markets. 5) More efficient transportation makes it faster and cheaper to have goods made overseas than right here. The end result: the middle class is vanishing. Our cities are falling apart. Here's a short list of cities affected by manufacturing and the companies that left town.
Schenectady, NY: General Electric (GE has more employees working outside the US than in it)
Utica, NY: General Electric
Detroit: GM, Ford, Chrysler and all other car plants.
Syracuse, NY: Carrier Corp
Rochester, NY: Kodak, and Xerox
Flint, MI: GM
Braddock, PA: US Steel
Sherrill, NY: Oneida Siversmiths
Dyersburg, Tennessee; Quad Graphics
Reno, Nevada; Quad Graphics
Clarksville, Tennessee;Quad Graphics
 Lebanon, Ohio; Quad Graphics
 Corinth, Mississippi Quad Graphics
Kenosha, WI; Chrysler 

When it will end!?!

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