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The future of America
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Penn State fans: You suck!!!

Warning: This blog contains language that normal adults use. Use it everywhere.

If you rallied around Joe Paterno's house when the sex with little boys scandal broke out, you're an asshole. Ditto if you were in the riot when Paterno got fired. Ditto when you bought a blue shirt and bought a ticket for the last home game. The entire Penn State administration is covering up Jerry Sandusky's child raping because the Penn State football program was bringing up too much money! A child rape scandal comes out, and the football coaching staff covers it up as well as the administration of Penn State. If you were caught up in a scandal, Penn State, especially "JoePa" wouldn't do shit for you. But you still support Penn State. Now if Penn State had a football program like Maryland, you would burn down Paterno's house and lynch Sandusky! When the Catholic Church scandal broke, all of you were in shock and dismay. But when the Penn State football scandal came out, you bought a shirt and went to the game. No wonder there's more people at the football game than church!

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