The future of America

The future of America
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Friday, September 30, 2011


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Scoop's poop

I have nothing much to say except thanks to the new readers. Next: I was able to get a Saturday off. It was a beautiful Saturday at that. But: I got to take care of my sick infant daughter and very sick 37 year old wife. I am F'N tired! My wife should win an Oscar for best performance for an illness!

My next beef is with the Westboro Baptist Church. This "church" is a family of asshole screwballs that protests funerals of service members killed in the line of duty! This group of boobs are hated by everyone from Michael Moore to homosexuals to bikers to the Ku Klux Klan. You see these assholes making noise at a funeral in some small town in Oklahoma, Iowa, Kentucky, and so forth. A handful of freaks and hundreds if not thousands of counter protesters. What you never see is the Westboro Baptist Church protesting in the inner city of a black or Hispanic GI. The Westboro Baptist Church knows better. Imagine what would happen if the Westboro slobs goes to South Chicago to protest the death of a soldier from the neighborhood! It wouldn't be pretty.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

American Excellence

Day after day, I see how this once great nation is turning into a cesspool. Our cities are falling apart, our highways are clogged, our schools are crowded, and airport passengers are being groped. However; there is one peice of engineering excellence that is being built that no one talks about. Probably because the media would rather focus on diversity instead of engineering. One World Trade Center is being built out of the ashes of the Twin Towers that were brought down on 9/11/01. Americans are rebuilding the tower even better. Here's how: The foundation will have an outer protective structure as well as an inner structure with 3 feet of concrete walls. Stairways are widended so more people can exit the building faster, as well as state of the art communication center for first responders. The building exceeds all safety codes for the City of New York. The Port Authority claims that One World Trade center is the most enviromentally sustainable project of its size in the world! The new tower is not only a tribute to the towers, but also the Washington Monument. Let's hope our skyscrapers get even bigger than the Trade Center!

Boycott the National Football League

The TSA is spreading their grip from the airports to NFL stadiums according to Alex Jones. We all know that the TSA are harassing innocent Americans and not profiling people who might wish to do us harm at airports. Now; the TSA is going to grope you Sunday for no reason. There have been no terror attacks at professional football games. Drop the NFL a line and tell them that you will not put up with their nonsense! Here's the link: