The future of America

The future of America
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A letter to Rachel Maddow

Dr. Maddow:

I went on Youtube to look up a clip of a former NYPD Detective on CNN telling the hosting staff to stay away from blacks to avoid increasing their chances of being victim of the Knockout Game. Instead I came up with this:

The above video talks about Glenn Beck coming to Washington on the Anniversary of MLK's famous speech in Washington. I too have issues with Glenn Beck doing things for Glenn Beck. but what really struck me was your reporting of a group from Maine putting out information of the mass transit system in Washington known as WMATA (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority) or simply Metro. The group advises the potential attendees to avoid certain parts of the transit system that are criminally prone. You mock the group and make jokes. Obviously you have not ventured or east or south  of the L'Enfant Plaza station. Or if you have, you mislead all 30 of your viewers in not stating that you indeed have visited some of those other stations, and you got the hell out of dodge. You mention nothing of Anacostia, Naylor Road, Fort Totten, Minnesota Ave, Deanwood,  Benning Road, Capitol Heights, and Cheverly. The Green Line is infamous in being the most dangerous line in the District. You working on U Street should know that. But since you are young, white, hip, gay, and liberal, you have no business or intention to get off at those stations. Your stops include: DuPont Circle, Woodley Park, Farragut North, Foggy Bottom, Farragut west and No-Ma/Galludet (formerly New York Ave). Below are some clips of those of those places I mentioned and you don't visit:

Funny; I didn't see too many hipsters, wonks or even your MSNBC co-hosts based in DC Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, or even the Diversity lover Chris Matthews!

As for telling your viewers that the visitors for Glenn Beck's speech will limit themselves to Northwest DC and showing only a very small section of Washington is sickening. Look below:

Northwest Washington is the biggest part of the District!

You madam are not a journalist. You are not an entertainer. You are an angry person with a far left agenda and will blatantly lie to try to get your point across. I tell you what; keep doing what you are doing because you are giving me so much material for The Political Cesspool. I just wish your sponsors would see their diminished returns when they buy ad space on your time slot. Their dollar would go so much farther on Liberty News Radio.

Scoop Stanton

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Virginia is now north of the Mason-Dixon Line

First of all Ken Cuccinelli has NOTHING to be ashamed about! He was outspent by his opponents including labor unions, special interests and super PAC's. The mainstream media has called Cuccinelli everything but a child of God. McAuliff had current and former presidents among other celebrities that have nothing to do with Old Dominion campaign with Terry McAuliffe. Since Cuccinelli did not tow the GOP party line, no big endorsements. Then the Libertarians ran a candidate also. All that and McAuliffe only won by less than 55,000 votes! 

That being said look at the above chart. Hampton Roads, which include Norfolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News, Chesapeake, and Suffolk are majority black and (surprise) vote Democrat. Ditto for Richmond City and Henrico County.But look at the top of the chart. The area called Northern Virginia. All McAuliffe. This is where I live. And I hate it! The people who live in Northern Virginia are either immigrants not from Europe or refugees from Northeastern or Midwestern states. These people are from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and other parts. These people voted leftist Democrat all their life and the once great jobs are gone, so these leftists move to Old Dominion and work for the government! Truth be told I lived in New York state from birth until my enlistment in the Navy in 2000. I will not be moving back. These people have nothing in common with Virginia. These pinko's don't know anything about ham, peanuts, tobacco, or wine. These people want to take the right of other Virginians to bear arms! These people all complain why isn't Virginia like their old shit state!

Now with the major demographic shift, what Northern Virginia wants, Northern Virginia gets! To put it in simpler terms: Virginia is fucked!!!!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Liberalism is a virus (d/b/a The second War of Northern Aggression)

Michael Savage nailed it when he said: "Liberalism is a Mental Disorder." Well I say it is a virus. It does nobody any good and it spreads. Take California. a liberal's wet dream. It had high taxes, a Cadillac welfare program, and an sanctuary program where it will not only not deport any illegal alien, but not deny any illegal alien any welfare benefits. The result: evil businesses left California. and people in California need to eat, so they go out to Washington, Oregon, and Colorado where those states get to experience deadly liberalism!

Now take the Northeast and parts of the Midwest. You have good blue states of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan. Those states taxed and regulated businesses right out of town! The result: mass migration to Washington, DC. It's one thing to migrate to DC or Maryland which love to tax and spend, but now people are migrating to Virginia. Virginia used to be reddest of red states. But no more. Northern Virginia where I live have nothing in common with the rest of Old Dominoin. They might as well call it Southwest DC. All these motherfuckers that taxed and regulated themselves out of jobs and a decent standard of living move to Virginia; a right to work state! Now with the majority of Virginians living in ultra blue Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William Counties, the political landscape will turn Virginia once solid red to purple to blue.

Today residents of Old Dominion get to choose a new governor. They can either choose interloper from New York Terry McCauliffe, who's claim to fame is run the Democrat party during the Clinton administration. Can you say turning the Lincoln bedroom into a hot sheet motel? Or you can choose lifelong Virginia resident Ken Cuccinelli who was a strong law and order Attorney General.