The future of America

The future of America
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fireman Ed bio

Here's a fake bio on "Fireman" Ed Anzalone. Replace his name with mine ant it's 100% true.

Fireman Ed Anzalone was a New York firefighter assigned to Engine 69 at the famous "Harlem Hilton." Ed was moved to station dispatcher because he was accused of driving too slow to fires because he did not want to help black people. When asked why he didn't work at a fire station in a white neighborhood, Anzalone said that chicks liked firemen from busy houses. He filed an on the job injury claim in 2007 stating he hurt his back rescuing 2 people from a burning building, when in reality he was involved in a bar fight with Giant fans. On 9/11 Anzalone was suspended for being AWOL as he refused to report to work because he wanted to do a live appearance at Lucky's Bar in Bayshore, NY for Monday Night Football. 

Ed took the J-E-T-S chant from two retired NYPD officers. He wore his fire helmet to garner more attention. He used to be hoisted on his brother's shoulders until an incident in Sept 2008 where Anzalone had a major diarrhea attack stemming from a large portion of Mexican food and draft beer. Frank Anzalone's white Jets jersey was forever ruined.

Anzalone was caught up in controversy during a Jet-Giant exhibition game. Anzalone was interrupted doing his performance by a Giant fan. An altercation ensued as Anzalone felt that the entire stadium should show respect when he was doing the J-E-T-S chant. 

In 2012 Anzalone switched jersey's from Bruce Harper, to Mark Sanchez. When asked about it, Ed said that he was supporting mediocrity, just like himself. 

In Nov 2012 Anzalone deleted his Twitter account due to a twitter war with Opie and Anthony fans who called him a giant douche, as well as vowing to no longer to perform at Jet games. This is stemming from the Jets refusal to erect a bronze statue of himself and to retire his number (either 46 or 6). Anzalone has an autobiography coming out next fall called: "It's all about me."  

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our last hope

     On November 6, 2012 America reelected Barack Obama, a man horribly unqualified to remain in office.  A 16 trillion dollar debt, Operation Fast and Furious, Obamacare, cutting our military strength, Benghazi, bailouts, Cash for Clunkers were just some of his failings. The Republican party forced Mitt Romney down our throats. Rep. Ron Paul was also campaigning for the Republican nomination. But Paul was sabotaged every step of the way by the GOP establishment from stealing primaries to refusing to seat delegates at the convention to even refusing to acknowledge the number of delegates who voted for Paul. Paul was trashed by mainstream media including Fox News and was trashed by conservative talk radio including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and even Michael Savage. As for Romney, he was not a likable candidate. He never mentioned Fast and Furious, bailouts, abolishing the tax code, abolishing the Federal Reserve, or bringing back our manufacturing base. Romney pandered to everyone but the base of the GOP; white Christian men. So what did that base do: either stayed home, or voted for Gary Johnson, Virgil Goode, Merlin Miller, or wrote in Ron Paul. The end result is that Obama won the election.
     Ladies and gentlemen; we are in trouble. Our dollar is worth less and less, the price of consumer goods is skyrocketing. Look how much is costs to put gasoline in our cars and to feed our families. Our government is  turning their guns on us instead of people outside our borders who wish to do us harm. Our economy is based on half the population serving the other half of the population. We owe trillions of dollars and have nothing to show for it. We have more people on food stamps than ever before. Our roads are crumbling and traffic is getting worse. Our schools are still in decline, and we have no more factories. The list goes on and on.
     The next presidential election we need someone to change the course of this one great nation. I know of just such a person. This person is not a lawyer, Ivy League school graduate, not a professional politician, not a lobbyist, not a member of the CFR, Trilateral Commission, not a member of a politically powerful family, and never attended a Bilderburg Group meeting.This person will not pander to anybody for a vote. Not even AIPAC, or any other Israeli advocates. This person will abolish the Federal Reserve, the IRS tax code, and all forms of affirmative action. This person will make sure our borders are secure, our military strong and defending only the interests of the US and nobody else. This person will cut the umbilical cord of welfare that made generations of people unproductive and dependent on the government.This person will make sure people who enter this nation without permission will get nothing. And those who hire these people will be   punished.This person would appoint justices who follow the constitution, not a political agenda. This person would dismantle the incompetent and perverted TSA, appointing real security professionals to secure our airports.
     Ladies and gentleman, would you please help me elect in November, 2016 our fiend and Political Cesspool host James Edwards our 45th President of the United States.

Monday, November 5, 2012

How to decide who to vote for

Note: I know I haven't been blogging lately. Between Twitter, Facebook, and the Political Cesspool blog, I've been busy. But this is too important.

With the election on Nov. 6 a few people have yet to decide who to vote for. I'm voting for Gov. Gary Johnson. But here's how to decide who you are going to vote for. This is for people who work for a living. Here's what you do. First take your last pay stub and pay attention at the taxes taken out before you gt dollar one. Next, withdraw your entire paycheck from the bank and then gather your bills you need to pay for this pay period. Look over each bill and pay attention to all the service fees to your cable, phone, and mobile phone bill, and realize you are being charged to pay for cell phones for welfare recipients! Set aside all the cash aside to pay each bill. With the rest of the cash go to your local gas station and fill the tank and pay for the gas in cash. Then go to the grocery store. Preferably a grocery store in a lower income neighborhood Go and get your regular grocery items. At the register take a look at the people who pay with EBT cards and see how much better they eat while you pay cash. Remember all this while you go to the voting booth and ask yourself: which candidate will work harder to let you keep more of your money on payday and work to get our capitalist system in better condition so we do not fell like robbery victims at the grocery store and the gas pump, and to get the people that we indirectly support out of our wallets!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Most important video ever

This video I saw via The Political  Cesspool via The Daily Caller. This video shows a bunch of welfare bums standing in line for welfare. This video tells us so much.  1)More black people are on welfare than whites. 2)Welfare recipients do not want to work 3)Blacks feel that they are entitled to welfare 4)Blacks vote based on race 5)America is going broke because of entitlements 6)Nobody especially Obama is stopping the gravy train of benefits to the entitlement class 7)Super Liberal Pelosi lives on 14th st in Manhattan. Minorities in her neighborhood are few and far between. The few minorities that do live near Ms. Pelosi has money. I guess Harlem, Washington Heights, Jamaica, Queens, East New York , and the entire borough of the Bronx is not good enough for Princess Pelosi! Please tweet, facebook and do everything else to spread the word!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

How low can the media go?

As we all know there is media bias from Walter Cronkite's wrong opinion on the Vietnam War to the dumb correspondent arguing the news instead of reporting it. MSNBC doesn't report the news anymore. The channel just has political discussions. Of course, it's just leftists on MSNBC. Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Laurence O'Donnell, Chris Matthews, and Al Sharpton. The panelists for the network include reporters from the New York Times, Washington Post, and Mother Jones. The lone conservative voice was Pat Buchanan, until he got fired for telling the truth. The replacement? Former GOP head Michael Steele! Then this morning on CNN, the network had Joel Pollack from Breitbart's organization to discuss a film clip of Barack Obama introducing Professor Derrick Bell. The conversation turned ugly with Soledad O'Brien leading the charge against Pollack debating Bell's crazy Critical Race Theory.  To Pollack's credit, he held his ground and spanked CNN's ass!!! Fox News is no better trying to align Rep. Gifford's shooter Jared Loughner with race realist Jared Taylor.
Talk Radio isn't much better. Rush, Sean, Glenn, and Mark all sound the same: "Democrat's bad, Republican's good." Although the above mentioned men as well as others blast the media, they never talk about the taboo subjects such as race. When was the last time any mainstream talker talked about affirmative action, English disappearing, the invasion of third world immigrants, and the Federal Reserve. For almost 20 years were told by Hannity that blacks are coming over to the Republican party. In 2008 over 90% of blacks including JC Watts and Colin Powell voted for Obama.
So; what do we do. Simple; look for other sources for information. Thankfully, the internet has the whole world at our fingertips. Go on Drudge, Alex Jones, Breitbart, and of course; The Political Cesspool! Tell others too. Most people watch garbage like ESPN and TMZ worring about people who don't contribute anything to society.

Friday, March 2, 2012

We are all Andrew Breitbart now...

Yesterday, I made an announcement that I was going to start adding to this blog as well as continue to live in the twitterverse, and be seen on Facebook. Then I found out Andrew Breitbart had died. The loss of Andrew left a huge hole in the culture war. Like most of us in the movement, I knew Breitbart was big, but I didn't know how big he was until his passing. Now the question is: "What do we do now?" Below are some suggestions.
1) Get on social media. Help fill the hole left by Breitbart. I am going to blog, tweet, write, raise the BS flag, and destroy the left when I'm on The Political Cesspool. I'm not the next Andrew Breitbart, but maybe the next comic strip character Andy Capp.
2)Get involved. Get off the web once in a while and get out. First and foremost: vote. Too often, people say that their vote doesn't count. Tell that to the Congress' of 1994, 2006, and 2010! Tell that to Jesse Ventura, George Pataki, and Scott Brown. If you don't like the candidate, get off your ass and run for office. Next: go to town hall meetings, call in radio shows, and call your local representatives. Remember; the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
3) Get other people involved. The five of us can't do it all ourselves. People will spend time and money following a football team, or a car with a big number or a celebrity. Yet they don't see the world around them falling apart. Convince them to do something. Convince them that celebrities won't be there when you lose your job, pay higher gas prices, pay higher taxes, get groped at the airport, or swarmed by illegal aliens.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I am back

I took some time off for some personal and professional reasons; I was busy with my kids! Kids are work! But I love them and I would love to have more, but as a responsible adult, I'm going to wait until I am financially stable, at which time I estimate I will be 65. I would like to thank nobody as nobody helped me out as I just needed time to clean house and change diapers. Back to business: I am going to work even harder to show the problems what is killing this country. This country is broke. People are still struggling despite bailouts, national healthcare, shovel ready jobs, and other nonsense all while Mrs. Obama took a well deserved ski vacation President's Day weekend after her family's Hawaii Christmas vacation! You go girl!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We are finished!!

I'm sorry that I haven't kept up with as many posts as before, but some of us have to keep funding the Welfare State of America.
The days of baseball, hot dogs, mom, apple pie, and Chevrolet are gone. America can not and will not survive. It's not because of the Republicans vs. Democrats, third world immigration, or the Federal Reserve. It can be attributed to what Paul Kersey from Stuff Black People Don't Like (SBPDL) calls the: Black Underclass. Before you start calling me the "R" word, and call the NAACP, SPLC, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson let me make one thing perfectly clear: I am not talking about the hard working, law abiding, responsible black people that are going about their business. I'm talking about the others.

Recently Nike shoes put a new yet limited pair of Air Jordan's on the market. The end result: chaos. Scores of young black men literally ripping the doors off of malls to spend $180 for a pair of sneakers! There was more chaos at Foot Lockers with the new Air Jordan's than in Japan that suffered an earthquake, tsunamis, and a nuclear meltdown all in the same day. Egyptians are being killed for freedom and blacks are shooting at each other for overpriced footwear. America will not survive when citizens are fighting over athletic shoes. Now, shopping centers are going the way of the Pony Express. Restaurant owners in the ghetto have to put in bullet resistant glass so the employees will not get shot, and the place won't get robbed! Did our founding fathers imagine the citizenry purchasing food at a restaurant would have to do it with a protective barrier?!?

Besides rioting over shoes, the black underclass are tuning our inner cities into third world war zones. Cities like Detroit, Newark, and St. Louis are no go zones for most Americans. Despite being only 12-13% of the population, blacks commit most crimes in the US, and consists of the majority of the prison population. Don't believe me, click here. If you want to make it a black vs. white issue; think about this. The majority of white women that are raped, the perpetrator is black. Yet white on black rape is nearly nonexistent. What's worse; according to the Center's for Disease Control (CDC), the leading cause of death for black males ages 15-34 is homicide! A person's most productive years are cut short due to murder!!!

Education is a big problem in the black underclass. According to the Schott Foundation, 47% of black males drop out of high school. As the saying goes: "The more you learn, the more you earn." Needless to say, black unemployment rate is twice the rate of the national average! America has only so many openings for ditch diggers, janitors, waiters, and other no-skilled jobs. Factor in illegal immigrant labor, the loss of a manufacturing base, and a major recession, we see why the black unemployment level is so high. Some of the black underclass will say speaking proper English, studying hard and getting good grades is: "acting white" and peer pressure prevents many black children from achieving their full potential.

Another factor of the black underclass is illegitimacy. 70% of black mothers are unwed. Take it from a father; you need two parents to raise children. Having children includes buying formula, baby wipes, diapers, baby food, clothes, doctor visits, cribs, laundry detergent, etc, etc, etc. With no two parents in a household, then the mother has to work long hours at one or more jobs to keep the family afloat. Or, go on public assistance.

The biggest factor for the Black Underclass is the welfare state. President Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty was supposed to lift the black American out of poverty. Johnson's war gave us welfare, Aid to Families to Dependant Children (AFDC), Women, Infant's and Children (WIC), Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TNAF), Food Stamps/Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT), Section 8 Housing, Head Start, No Child Left Behind, Public Housing, Medicaid, and so on. This war to help the poor is costing you the sucker taxpayer one trillion dollars per year!  That's not one trillion dollars total since 1964, but we get stuck with a one trillion dollar bill each year! Think about that next November when you are living week to week, and you clip coupons, can't afford to get your car fixed, can't afford to eat out at a fancy restaurant such as Applebee's or Bob Evans, can't afford to pay your utilities, use your credit card more than cash, and can't afford to have more children! It's the welfare state that contributes to illegitimacy, drop out rates, crime, and poverty.  Compare NASA to the welfare state. NASA gave us such things such as: cordless tools, velcro, fire retardant suits, GPS, artificial limbs, aircraft de-icing, improved radial tires, and hundreds of other things we take for granted. What has the War on Poverty gave us? An EBT card?  There is still the hidden costs that we don't see. We need to factor in the cost of police protection, security measures, declining property values, and the time and money we spend going to and fro as law abiding people live far away from this mess!

I'm not one to just bitch and not say what needs to be done. Here's what America needs to do:
1)Allow only twelve (12) and only twelve consistent months of welfare.
2) Any woman on welfare must take Norplant as not to have more children.
3)No welfare money for a)alcohol b)tobacco.
4)Recipients must take drug and alcohol tests. If they fail, no welfare, no welfare, Medicaid, or section 8.
5)Recipients must be enrolled in a GED program if one does not have a Diploma or GED.

8)All recipients are to be fingerprinted. While on welfare, or section 8, as wards of the state, the fingerprints are accessible to any and all law enforcement agencies. Once the recipient is off the public dole, the fingerprints are to be deleted from all databases.

Think about it; does China, Japan, Germany, or Canada have the problems the US has? I think not.