The future of America

The future of America
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our last hope

     On November 6, 2012 America reelected Barack Obama, a man horribly unqualified to remain in office.  A 16 trillion dollar debt, Operation Fast and Furious, Obamacare, cutting our military strength, Benghazi, bailouts, Cash for Clunkers were just some of his failings. The Republican party forced Mitt Romney down our throats. Rep. Ron Paul was also campaigning for the Republican nomination. But Paul was sabotaged every step of the way by the GOP establishment from stealing primaries to refusing to seat delegates at the convention to even refusing to acknowledge the number of delegates who voted for Paul. Paul was trashed by mainstream media including Fox News and was trashed by conservative talk radio including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and even Michael Savage. As for Romney, he was not a likable candidate. He never mentioned Fast and Furious, bailouts, abolishing the tax code, abolishing the Federal Reserve, or bringing back our manufacturing base. Romney pandered to everyone but the base of the GOP; white Christian men. So what did that base do: either stayed home, or voted for Gary Johnson, Virgil Goode, Merlin Miller, or wrote in Ron Paul. The end result is that Obama won the election.
     Ladies and gentlemen; we are in trouble. Our dollar is worth less and less, the price of consumer goods is skyrocketing. Look how much is costs to put gasoline in our cars and to feed our families. Our government is  turning their guns on us instead of people outside our borders who wish to do us harm. Our economy is based on half the population serving the other half of the population. We owe trillions of dollars and have nothing to show for it. We have more people on food stamps than ever before. Our roads are crumbling and traffic is getting worse. Our schools are still in decline, and we have no more factories. The list goes on and on.
     The next presidential election we need someone to change the course of this one great nation. I know of just such a person. This person is not a lawyer, Ivy League school graduate, not a professional politician, not a lobbyist, not a member of the CFR, Trilateral Commission, not a member of a politically powerful family, and never attended a Bilderburg Group meeting.This person will not pander to anybody for a vote. Not even AIPAC, or any other Israeli advocates. This person will abolish the Federal Reserve, the IRS tax code, and all forms of affirmative action. This person will make sure our borders are secure, our military strong and defending only the interests of the US and nobody else. This person will cut the umbilical cord of welfare that made generations of people unproductive and dependent on the government.This person will make sure people who enter this nation without permission will get nothing. And those who hire these people will be   punished.This person would appoint justices who follow the constitution, not a political agenda. This person would dismantle the incompetent and perverted TSA, appointing real security professionals to secure our airports.
     Ladies and gentleman, would you please help me elect in November, 2016 our fiend and Political Cesspool host James Edwards our 45th President of the United States.

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