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The future of America
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Monday, November 5, 2012

How to decide who to vote for

Note: I know I haven't been blogging lately. Between Twitter, Facebook, and the Political Cesspool blog, I've been busy. But this is too important.

With the election on Nov. 6 a few people have yet to decide who to vote for. I'm voting for Gov. Gary Johnson. But here's how to decide who you are going to vote for. This is for people who work for a living. Here's what you do. First take your last pay stub and pay attention at the taxes taken out before you gt dollar one. Next, withdraw your entire paycheck from the bank and then gather your bills you need to pay for this pay period. Look over each bill and pay attention to all the service fees to your cable, phone, and mobile phone bill, and realize you are being charged to pay for cell phones for welfare recipients! Set aside all the cash aside to pay each bill. With the rest of the cash go to your local gas station and fill the tank and pay for the gas in cash. Then go to the grocery store. Preferably a grocery store in a lower income neighborhood Go and get your regular grocery items. At the register take a look at the people who pay with EBT cards and see how much better they eat while you pay cash. Remember all this while you go to the voting booth and ask yourself: which candidate will work harder to let you keep more of your money on payday and work to get our capitalist system in better condition so we do not fell like robbery victims at the grocery store and the gas pump, and to get the people that we indirectly support out of our wallets!

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