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The future of America
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

An open letter to Karen Lewis; President CTU

Dear Ms. Lewis:

I recently came across a clip of a speech of you gave in June about cuts to the Chicago Public schools at the City Club of Chicago. It can be seen here. Here is where I have a bone to pick with you:

"Who will be impacted the most? Teachers of color, tenured teachers, and older, more highly educated employees."
-Who agreed to that contract to lay off people based on color, and people with seniority? With layoffs it's usually the least senior people who get let go first regardless of race.

"When will there be an honest conversation about poverty, and racism, and inequality that hinders the delivery of an education product in out school system?" 
-There has been conversation after conversation about poverty, racism, and inequality for years. However any conversation by people like Jared Taylor, Sam Francis, James Edwards, Richard Spencer, Neal Boortz, Michael Savage are all shouted down as racist when talking about the above mentioned subject. Then when black people talk about it like Jesse Lee Peterson, and James Manning, they are shouted down as Uncle Tom's and sellouts. Besides the CPS school budget is over five billion dollars! How much more do you need?

"...Rich, white people think think that they know what's in the best interest of children of African-American and Latinos, no matter what the parents income or education level."
-Those rich, white people know that those African-American and Latino children need a two parent family, and need a decent education including reading, writing and arithmetic, without fear of being a crime victim. This is something that the CTU and CPS fails to provide year after year.

"And when did all these venture capitalist become so interested in the lives of minority students in the first place? There's something about these folks who love the kids, but hate their parents."
-Maybe those venture capitalists are sick and tired of seeing generation after generation of minority kids end up in the criminal justice system, end up in the welfare system and end up living in poverty, because the War on Poverty has failed. Maybe the venture capitalists are sick and tired of hearing excuse after excuse from the parents on why CPS are terrible, and why there is so much crime in the minority neighborhoods, and are blamed for not paying enough in taxes to help the poor, minority citizens. The US has spend $15,000,000,000,000 dollars to help the poor. And we still have poor people!

"There's something about these folks that use little black and brown children as stage props at one press conference, while announcing they want to fire, lay off, or lock up their parents at another press conference."
-First off, your choice of president and fellow Chicago resident Barack Obama has used people as stage props plenty of times. See it here, here, and here. And what is wrong for calling for the removal of incompetent people or people who are a menace to society, regardless of race? Do we give those people a free pass because of skin color?

"If you look at the majority of the tax base for property taxes in Chicago, they're mostly white, who don't have a real interest in paying for the education of poor black and brown children."
-I could look at it two ways. First do the black and brown of Chicago have an interest in paying for the education of rich white children of the city? Secondly: they do not want to pay! The Chicago Public Schools is an abysmal failure! The middle class and upper class moved out because the City cannot educate or protect their children while in school. You mayor sends his kids to private schools!

I hope you are able to motivate your fellow teachers in turning Chicago schools around. Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Yours Truly:
Peter "Scoop" Stanton
Washington, DC Correspondent
The Political Cesspool Radio Program