The future of America

The future of America
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Thursday, February 27, 2014

A conversation with Spike Lee


I understand you are upset with gentrification in your old Brooklyn neighborhood. You complained about white people pushing out black people in black neighborhoods. But who lived in those neighborhoods  before the blacks? I don't think it was undeveloped farmland. But you are absolutely right. Look what these white educated, well to do, entrepreneurial  interlopers do to the 'hood.  First developers buy dilapidated tenements and make them attractive to the white people buy remodeling the places, which give designers, painters, carpenters, electricians, HVAC mechanics welders, masons, tool makers lumber yards, and loggers work. Then new businesses start to move in. Oh shit! Now we got coffee shops, antique stores, art stores, microbreweries, chic and higher end ethnic restaurants move in. Then God forbid a grocery store such as Whole Foods or Trader Joe's moves in! Black people were used to the food deserts as grocery stores moved out due to shoplifting, vandalism and robberies. People had to either go for miles to other neighborhoods to grocery shop or pay exorbitantly high prices for poor quality food at the dirty bodega's. Now they can buy wholesome food at reasonable prices. Then comes the retail stores like Gap Target and Ikea. Who wants that garbage?  Then over time the stores with Plexiglas are gone, giving the residents a feeling of safety. You probably miss the thick glass and the roll down fortress like gates when the businesses close for the day. Then these no-good-nicks keep their neighborhoods clean by sweeping the front of the stoop (It's a New York thing), throwing out  trash, obey the law, and not declare a gang war over some real estate. These assholes have the audacity to call the police when there in an emergency, and even come forward to help the police by coming forward as witnesses!!!!!! THEY SNITCH!!!! And look what the end result is: clean streets, attractive housing, low crime, no more drug dealing in the street, jobs, increased tax revenue, an increase in population and an increase of visitors (both tourists and locals) spending money in the local economy. Who the hell want's that?!

But there is a solution Spike. You would have to move. New York is gentrifying. But there is Newark, Camden, Patterson, Philadelphia, Atlanta (your old stomping grounds), Cleveland, Detroit and Baltimore (Except the Inner Harbor, Fells Point and Little Italy), the east side of Washington, DC, and Richmond, VA. But I guess you got enough liquor stores, check cashing stores, pawn shops, chicken shacks, bodega's, sneaker stores, hair weave stores, store front churches, shelters, and uniformed security guards in fast food joints in your 8,000 square foot compound on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Reparations for white people paid by blacks

Yep. I am talking about black people paying reparations to white people. This idea came from Michael Savage reporting on Jamaica and other Caribbean nations suing the United Kingdom and The Netherlands for slavery reparations. This stems from the idea of so-called decedents of slavery attempting to shakedown white America for slavery despite the fact no slave is alive to file a lawsuit, and no slave owners are alive. Thankfully the Supreme Court struck down this foolishness.

I say fine. Let's pay reparations, despite no slaves are alive to reap the rewards. Here's my formula. The United States was founded and established in 1776. Abraham Lincoln freed all the slaves in 1863. That's 87 years. Let's give one billion dollars per year for slavery in the US that's 87 billion dollars payable to black people.

Now we must have reparations for white people by black people. Since the 1964 Civil Rights Act, black people have been running roughshod over white people. The KKK lynched 3,446 blacks over 86 years. Let's just say with the KKK, church bombings and racial tension in the south there were 5,000 victims. Give the family members one hundred thousand dollars.We owe black people $87,500,000,000. Now the payback. Let's start with the urban riots.Again since 1964 this once great nation has started to go downhill. For different reasons, blacks felt it necessary to loot, burn, kill, and assault. Our forefathers built these great cities, and the very appreciative black people tried to burn it down. Here's a quick recap: Los Angeles 1965; 34 dead. Newark 1967; 23 dead. Detroit 1967; 43 dead. Los Angeles (again) 1992; 53 dead. Let's not forget the chance of opportunity. New York 1977 with the city wide black out, blacks decided to loot and commit arson. Then there's New Orleans. Where New York and New Jersey came together for September, 11 and Hurricane Sandy, New Orleans fell into chaos. Then there's the everyday crime statistics. According to the French Magazine La Griffe du Lion more than 1,600 whites are murdered by blacks. Plus blacks are 18 times more likely to murder whites. 90% of race crimes were by blacks against whites. There are over 20,000 black on white rapes and fewer than 100 white on black rapes.It doesn't stop there. People are buying home security systems to prevent burglaries. Despite the ADT commercials, most people breaking into homes are black. Whites are also moving out of the inner cities, and now moving out of the suburbs because black people want to move where whites are prospering and the neighborhoods are clean and safe. Businesses have been getting the short end of the stick. Businesses that do operate in a majority black area are forced to spend large amounts of money on security systems and loss prevention measures. In Baltimore there is Plexiglas at the counter at the Subway near Police Headquarters. Ditto for liquor stores, convenience stores, and restaurants in the inner city. Banks have now joined the Plexiglas nation also. Grocery stores also have taken a hit. Due to constant theft by its patrons, grocery stores lost so much money they left the 'hood. Now black neighborhoods are "food deserts" as the grocery stores are few and far between. Detroit has liquor stores on every corner, but no major supermarket chain. In the Bronx, grocery stores are few and far between. However off of Interstate 87 in Yonkers there is a grocery store at every exit, so New Yorkers with cars  has lots of choices. The end result: white homeowners had to sell their homes to move out of the cities that their grandfathers has built, usually at a loss, or if they rented their home, simply left and no other tenant to move in.  Business owners either followed suit or simply closed its doors forever. Chick-fil-A closed it first restaurant because of its clientele. Cities tax base are shrinking. Once beautiful, prosperous, and vibrant cities are now third world hellholes. Such cities include: Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Camden, and Newark. Chicago is now the wild west because of the black population despite being one of the strictest cities for gun ownership.  

 Besides being crime victims, whites have lost out on scholarships to higher education because those who fund the scholarships gear it toward blacks. College admission offices also have a preference of blacks over whites.Colleges now have to offer remedial courses.  Then in the job market, more qualified whites are passed over for less qualified blacks (and sometimes not qualified). Same thing goes for promotions. Employers are losing out on hiring and promoting qualified people. Then if a black is disciplined, he or she can cry racism. which cost employer thousands every year, with the cost passed on to you! Just look at your local post office or DMV. Enough said. 

Those who don't work can rely on LBJ thanks to the "War on Poverty." LBJ gave us AFDC, WIC, Section 8 housing, housing projects which are nothing but prisons without walls, Food stamps/EBT, Medicaid, Head Start, etc, etc etc. These programs was established  so that: “I'll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years. Thank you President Johnson. 

This is why we need reparations for white people. Just as slavery is horrendous, being a crime victim and not being able to provide for your family is just as bad. Here is my formula for the cost of reparations:

-Murder victims: 1,600 victims over 50 years at: $100,000 per victim: $800 million
-Rape victims: 20,000 victims over 50 years at $50,000 per victim: $50 billion
-Loss of job opportunities from discrimination for education: $1 billion
-Loss of job opportunities from Affirmative Action: $1 billion
-Cost of Los Angeles riot (1965): $40 million
-Cost of Los Angeles riot (1992) $ 1 billion
-Loss of income from business closed in black neighborhoods: $1 billion
-Loss of profit due to security measures, lawsuits and theft: $1 billion
-The cost of the War on Poverty : $15 trillion
Total: $15,055,800,000,000
Less $87,500,000,000 (reparations to blacks)

TOTAL OWED TO WHITE PEOPLE: $14,918,080,000,000

Don't expect payment anytime soon.