The future of America

The future of America
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Most important video ever

This video I saw via The Political  Cesspool via The Daily Caller. This video shows a bunch of welfare bums standing in line for welfare. This video tells us so much.  1)More black people are on welfare than whites. 2)Welfare recipients do not want to work 3)Blacks feel that they are entitled to welfare 4)Blacks vote based on race 5)America is going broke because of entitlements 6)Nobody especially Obama is stopping the gravy train of benefits to the entitlement class 7)Super Liberal Pelosi lives on 14th st in Manhattan. Minorities in her neighborhood are few and far between. The few minorities that do live near Ms. Pelosi has money. I guess Harlem, Washington Heights, Jamaica, Queens, East New York , and the entire borough of the Bronx is not good enough for Princess Pelosi! Please tweet, facebook and do everything else to spread the word!

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