The future of America

The future of America
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I am not Trayvon Martin

There is a website called We are not Trayvon Martin. It's a website for guilty whites apologize for the Zimmerman verdict. Here is my post:

I want to tell you of my experiences and observations in post-racial America. I am a white male in my 40’s that has lived and worked with black people all of my adult life. I have lived in majority minorities cities by choice. I have lived in The Bronx, Yonkers, Norfolk, and Portsmouth, VA.I made cross country trips to visit a close friend in Watts! I have worked in some of the most dangerous and depressing places this country has seen; by choice. My reward: I have been called everything but a child of God, even the dreaded N-WORD! I have been called racist more times than I can remember. My livelihood was threatened by a black man who falsely accused me of racism.

With my life experiences I have made some interesting observations. In 1992 after the 4 Los Angeles Police Officers were acquitted of assault of Rodney King, black people rioted and burned down their own neighborhood. While the city was still smoldering, people were wondering how welfare checks were going to be delivered. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina slammed New Orleans. The city descended into chaos. Residents huddled into the New Orleans Superdome were subject to rape, murder, and gunshots. White people had to huddle together and stand watch to protect the women from rape. Meanwhile the Superdome became an open sewer. At the convention Center, thousands of able bodied people were standing around waiting for someone from the government to help. Meanwhile other able bodied adults took to looting and shooting at first responders. No electricity, no clean water, flooded streets and people felt the need to take beer and televisions! Today, George Zimmerman was found not guilty and black people took to rioting in Oakland, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and other cities.

There are other things I have noticed. Certain neighborhoods that are known as dangerous are majority black. They include: Bedford-Stuyvesant, East New York, South Chicago, South Memphis, Anacostia, Park Place (Norfolk). The neighborhood my grandmother grew up in was once the jewel of the city. Now it is a ghetto. Even entire cities are considered dangerous: they include: Detroit, Atlanta, East St. Louis, Camden, Baltimore, and Newark. Those cities are majority black. Also black people make 13% of the US population but 50% of the prison population. Blacks are more likely to commit crimes against whites and other blacks than whites. It’s in black neighborhoods that restaurants and liquor stores have a barrier between customer and employee. It’s overwhelming black people that try to shake me down for money. Its young blacks that go to the mall and start fights for overpriced sneakers. Then when they spend money at the mall and have shopping bag after shopping bag, they beat the fare for the bus or subway! When I listen to police radio traffic online, the majority of people the police are looking for, chasing or in custody is black. The number one excuse for these failing neighborhoods and cities: racism. The solution: more social spending. I guess the first $19 trillion wasn’t enough. Some cities are experiencing gentrification. Developers are fixing up dilapidated buildings in poor black neighborhoods attracting young, white professionals changing the demographics of the area. The result: blacks are upset that whites are moving in!

What really, really makes me mad is not the events I have described above, but the guilty white liberals who do things such as post on this website, preach diversity, tolerance, white privilege, while living away as far away from black people as possible! It’s the guilty white liberals that scream, “We are all Trayvon,” drive their hybrids with Coexist bumper stickers, vote for Obama twice, while living in white neighborhoods. When is the last time, you have seen a Coexist sticker in the ‘hood? When you call these hypocrites out on it they say they want to send their children to “good schools.” That’s code for overwhelmingly white schools. Don’t black parents want to send their kids to good schools too? Tim Wise is an anti-racism expert who degenerates white people. He lives in a 97% white neighborhood! If we want to have a real conversation about race, we must start with the guilty white people first!