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Sunday, August 18, 2013

A tale of 2 children's entertainment centers!

This is a review of Kids Junction in Chantilly, VA I visited on 8/17/13 and Chuck E. Cheese's #084 on 8/18/13. It is not objective, but 100% honest!

At Kids Junction in Chantilly, VA the facility was absolutely spotless and well lit. We paid our admission fee for our daughter and entered. Kids Junction provided a very large slide/jungle gym covered with padding. There were also some arcade games, a toddler play area, a play area that allows kids to pretend to work at a post office, an animal hospital, a supermarket, and pizza place. There were also mechanical animal rides available for $1.50, as well a play area for the little, little ones. There is also a snack bar with a limited menu. The staff is plentiful and approachable. Those staff members not tasked with something  were in the play area looking after the safety of the children. There were separate rooms for birthday parties. There is also an area for adults to enjoy a refreshment and use the free Wi-Fi. The place is constantly being cleaned. The owner/manager was even cleaning the tables with Clorox wipes to ensure cleanliness and  sanitation. The restrooms were also spotless.

Meanwhile at store #084 called Chuck E. Cheese's on Main Street in Fairfax, VA I was greeted with the usual musty smell, and no cover charge and a sign reading no firearms allowed! (due to proximity of violence). The place was very crowded and had 5-4 children's birthday parties in full swing. I ordered my food and sat by the birthday party tables. My table was not cleaned recently. The two tables behind me and one next to me were also dirty. I used my cell phone stop watch to see how long before a staff member would wife off the table. I stopped after 40 minutes! (As my family was leaving the tables were still not wiped down!) I looked down at the wall to wall carpeting; filthy! As my family waited a long while for our pizza, the birthday party tables had pie after pie brought to the tables. Each party had a staff member tending to any and every need. (Note: the Chuck E. Cheese's staff treat parents at birthday parties like a high roller at a casino; read: tip$) My daughter came back to our table when our pizza came stating someone stole her tokens! While my family was eating our sub-par pizza, a staff member dressed as Chuck E. Cheese came out! The policy is to have a staff member dressed as Chuck E. Cheese come out every hour half past the hour. The staff member came out to entertain the birthday crowds. My daughter who did not have a birthday wanted to meet Chuck E. Cheese in the worst way. I had to hold her back as not to disrupt the birthday celebrations. After the birthday script was done, did Chuck E. Cheese mingle with the rest of the crowd including the family that spent thousands at that store as well those who spent much less? Hell no! That motherf@#$er went to the back! So the other children who did not have a birthday were short; again!

Folks it's up to you where to spend your hard earned money. Either at a clean place where the management has a young one, or a place that has a reputation for filth and violence!

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