The future of America

The future of America
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Monday, December 23, 2013

Phil Robertson; America's breaking point

Does this man look like he gives a shit!? 

Unless you just got rescued off a desert island, you know Duck Dynasty co-star Phil Robertson was suspended about remarks about homosexuality he made to GQ magazine. The interview can be read here.
Radical gay group GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) went after Robertson. GLAAD makes a name for itself by going after anyone that says anything that doesn't agree to its radical agenda, including jokes. Comedian Tracy Morgan and director Brett Ratner were two of the many victims of GLAAD's smear campaign. Duck Dynasty is a ratings juggernaut, so GLAAD smelled blood and complained to A&E network. A&E immediately caved and suspended Robertson immediately. Cracker Barrel restaurants which sell Duck Dynasty gear in its stores pulled its merchandise.

And then it began: The internet blew up on the news. Drudge, Infowars, The Political Cesspool, Brietbart were only a handful of website that reported the news. A Facebook group supporting Robertson and urging boycotting A&E received over 1.5 million likes in less than a week! Despite a Duck Dynasty marathon, ratings dropped on A&E. Cracker Barrel decided to put Duck Dynasty gear back on its shelves. Duck Dynasty gear were flying off the shelves at Walmart. And GLAAD has been receiving a backlash it has never seen before. 

The Robertson saga is taking place for one reason: Americans are sick and tired of being told what they can not say. they are sick of the garbage coming out of the mainstream media. We get MSNBC, Dharma and Greg, Modern Family and Good Christian Bitches! Anything Americans say in flyover country is either racist, sexist, or homophobic. And they are sick of it. Hopefully Phil Robertson is the tip of the iceberg!

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