The future of America

The future of America
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Coexist this!

Coexist bumper sticker incorporates religious symbols to promote tolerance.

This bumper sticker is pissing me off! In the Washington DC area these bumper stickers are everywhere. These bumper stickers are usually on foreign cars and usually with an Obama bumper sticker. Here's why this bumper sticker is BS. First the Muslims coexist with absolutely nobody. Secondly, look at Israel and Palestine. No strife there. Besides Palestine, all other Muslim countries want to erase Israel off the map. Other conflicts include Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan. Christian Greece and Muslim Turkey. In Africa there is tribal wars like in Sudan and Darfur. In the Congo there's a rape every 48 minutes. In South Africa and Zimbabwe whites are being slaughtered. Here in the US it's not better. The Jews from the ACLU and other anti-American organizations are doing everything in their power to rid all traces of Christianity. Remember the war on Christmas? It was declared by the Jews. The Muslims want to eradicate the Jews, yet the American Jews have declared war on Christianity, despite the fact Jesus was a Jew! It's not only religious ideology. People here are fighting each other based on race. Black and Hispanics in California are at each others throat. Blacks have been slaughtering whites for years now. All races want to live away from each other! Here's the typical "coexist" bumper sticker buyer. A white person driving a foreign car with an Obama sticker, living far, far away from minorities!

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