The future of America

The future of America
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why this blog

Why follow another blog? Because if you are like me, you are pissed off. Why would I be pissed off? First: the economy is in the toilet. Like millions of other Americans, I am struggling to keep my family above water. I got more bills than money. I am trying to find better employment, yet like everyone else, having no luck. Secondly; the reason the economy is in the toilet is because the president and congress is doing all it can to ruin it. Nobody has spent their way into prosperity. Instead of slashing the federal budget, slashing the tax code, and cutting regulations, they talk about raising the debt ceiling. Third: Washington is clueless. Its too easy to blame Washington, but nobody wanted the bailouts, stimulus packages, or national health care. Yet we got it. Then people like Nancy Pelosi wonder why people go to tea parties and voted the Democrats out. Fourth: The media. Like everyone else, I am sick of the media lies, including Fox News. The media looks down on us because we don't live in Manhattan, Georgetown, LA, or San Francisco, and vote Democrat. Fifth: the neoconservatives. People like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and the gang at Fox News give real conservatives a bad news. The neocons also look down at us, forgot where they came from, and call us racists. When Jared Taylor from American Renaissance was fighting with Charlotte, NC to hold his convention, nobody from the mainstream right came to Taylor's defense. I attempted to get on the Hannity radio show to talk about a conservative convention that got banned. The call screener hung up on me. Instead these assholes are hawking their premium memberships on their websites, hawking garbage during regular airtime instead of talking, and sticking with the same talking points: "Republican good, Democrat bad, Obama stinks, support our police, and support our troops." Sixth: this once great nation is now a third world flophouse. Last century the people that came here became Americans. They worked their asses off and built this country. They learned English. Today; we have have freeloaders that want everything handed to them. They clog up our schools, hospitals, roads, and neighborhoods. They contribute nothing and will not learn English. Some of these ungrateful people even want part of the US to return to Mexico. Our current immigration policy lets in more Africans than Europeans. Others come here hating America. This is why our neighborhoods look like Haiti, Calcutta, or some other hellhole. Think about it. People are flocking here. Not India, Pakistan, or El Salvador. Seventh: The black underclass. YES: I AM GOING THERE! For too long, these American citizens have been a problem. Cities such as Detroit, East St. Louis, St. Louis, and New Orleans have become war zones. 70% illegitimacy, 50% dropout rate, 50% of the prison population, you come a long way baby! The US taxpayer (you and me) gave these people food stamps (now EBT cards), section 8 housing, housing projects, affirmative action for scholarships, class placements, and jobs, medicaid, and of course welfare. The final cost of all this is in the trillions. And the end result is that the black underclass is exactly where it was when LBJ started the war on poverty. And the black underclass response for all the failures, shortcomings, and problems; either a)racism or b)not enough money. Finally: LIBERALISM. Liberals (not "Progressives") are the main cause of the previously mentioned problems. Liberals with the assistance of neocons spent this nation into bankruptcy. Liberals hate capitalism, Liberals hate what made this nation great. Liberals want more third world garbage coming here. Liberals throw money at the black underclass problem. Liberals see nothing wrong with everything written in English and Spanish. Liberals with the help of unions pushed all the good paying jobs out of the country. Liberals run the media that's why you never see a buffoonish black. Liberals give us diversity training. Liberals hate the military and police. Liberals will do everything in their power to keep the white male down. In other words: LIBERALS SUCK!!!!

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