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The future of America
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Monday, June 27, 2011

The State of the White Middle class

At work today I was thinking about the state of the white middle class with me at the center. Here's my take on the status on the white middle class.
I am almost 40 years old and am making the same amount of money as I did 15 years ago and my my wife and I have no savings. I am working in a dead end job with no hope of advancement, despite my honorable service in the armed forces and my college degree (Master's).  My wife works for the government and hates her job thanks to the uppity black people who are her supervisors. We live in a major metropolitan area. We bought a modest house that cost a fortune in the suburbs to live away from the blacks and for a good school system (low amount of blacks). Instead of black people we get to deal with the illegal aliens from south of the border and the legal immigrants from third world countries in which we have nothing in common with.
My wife and I have a beautiful daughter that we love with all our heart. We would love to expand our family, but we decided we could not afford to have another child, unlike other people. since it is necessary for both my wife and I to work, we have to spend $200 per week for daycare by an Indian family. I asked my county social services if I would be eligible for some childcare assistance. I was told that my wife and I make too much money. For grins and giggles, I asked if I did meet the maximum income requirements, BUT my wife and I were illegal aliens, if we would be eligible. I was told yes as long the child was born in the state I lived in as immigration status is not checked!!
The only and only reason why my family is not in the street is because both sets of our parents are subsidizing us. I can't tell you how embarrassed I am to ask my parents for money, despite wroking for two decades. 
I am a hard worker. however I was downsized. (I took a 50% paycut and agreed to work part time as I took another job for the retirement benefits yet I was still laid off.) While I was working at this job I was falsly accused of racism. This individual threatened my livelyhood. Luckily; I had a supervisior who had my back and stood up for me. I have been going to job fair after job fair with no luck. Most of the employers were low paying service jobs. I really don't see great potenital with Hertz rental agency, or financial planning. One employer that was there I talked to later said that there were no job openings! There were lots of white men over 40 at these job fairs. At one job fair a federal agency that my father worked for almost 40 years was there. I was psyched because dad was successful at this agency. I also had experierence in this field (claims for benefits). I couldn't wait! I walked up to the lady. she said that she was recruiting for lawyers (yuck) and veterans with 30% disability. I explained that I did not have a disability, but I did have experience in what this agency did (and a Master's Degree to boot). This lady did not want to hear it. I became frustrated, and yelled at the lady. "Ma'am, I'm sorry that I served my country and did not become disabled. But, I am a veteran, I have a Master's Degree and have experience in this area, and my father worked for "this agency" for 39 years!!! I guess my military service and dad's service to this agency didn't mean shit to this lady. Thanks dad! 
I inquired about working part time at a local supermarket. I spoke to the store manager and he said the starting wage for floor employees is $7.55 per hour which is 20 cents per hour above minimum wage. AND it was a union shop. needless to say the only people work here are incompetent immigtants.
It's so easy to say that this country is going to hell but it is. America exported all the well paying jobs and imported third world poverty. The middle class sacraficed trillions with Head Start, No child left behind, welfare, AFDC, Foodstamps/EBT, Medicaid, Section 8, morgages, empowerment zones, affirmative action in college placement, jobs, and promotions, and black people are still worse off BEFORE the Brown V. Board decision.
I don't know what's going to happen next but I know I won't like it.

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  1. Great post. Keep your head up my friend. This load of shit us white males are being fed WILL end. Eventually the entitlement well will run dry and we will take our country back from the illegals and useless minorities!!

    You and your family take care and have a great 4th!