The future of America

The future of America
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sean Hannity's show prep

I am no fan of Sean Hannity. He is a so-called conservative, yet he will not tackle real issues such as racial preferences and Jared Taylor's right to free speech.  Below is my conception of the show prep that Hannity and his staff come up with everyday. All items are probably on a post-it and posted on a bulliten board.

 BAD:              GOOD:                GUESTS:               PROMOTE ON AIR:           NOT ALLOWED:
Obama             Republicns         Sarah Palin           Lifelock                                  Race Realists
Pelosi              America               Karl Rove             Premium Membership          Anti-Zionists
Reid                 Troops                Newt Gingrich      Gold coins                             RON PAUL!!!
Democrats      Police                   Dick Morris          New Book                             Stories of minority crime
Media              Israel                   Mitt Romney        Fox News show                     Anti-Muslim anything
                         Fox News

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