The future of America

The future of America
Coming to your town. Really, really soon!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New York State of Mind

The above photo is any town in the State of New York. New York has been in a recession for the past 30 years. Hundreds of thousands of jobs and people left New York including yours truly. Some of the companies left include: Kodak, Xerox, Carrier, General Electric, Mohawk Carpet, Miller Brewing, IBM, and General Motors as well as numerous textile mills. The Empire State is the heaviest taxed and the heaviest regulated state in the union. No jobs, taxes through the roof, and regulations stricter than communist China. Recently the state has been in an uproar. Maybe the taxpayers were fed up? Nope. Maybe a factory threatening to leave? Nope. Try gay marriage. New York State is literally falling apart, while jobs and educated skilled people are moving out like the great migration, and New York can celebrate the fact they legalized gay marriage! Look out Mississippi; New York is coming for you!

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