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The future of America
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rachel Maddow; A RACIST works at MSNBC

Here's a letter to MSNBC personality who raised a stink about so-called racist websites by Caste Football and The Political Cesspool.


You had a segment a while ago citing crazy racist nonsense, going after so-called racist that run websites and radio programs. You went after The Political Cesspool radio show, Caste Football website, America's Third Position Political Party, and the Occidental Quarterly publication. The Political Cesspool host James Edwards challenged you to a debate, at which time you ignored his request. I guess you were too busy stalking US Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell who did not want anything to do with you fearing unfair coverage. James Edwards was so eager to have a face to face meeting with you he did a parody meeting.

Unfortunately: your employer MSNBC decided to hire a real racist. He does not wear a pointed hood. He wears designer suits. He does not drive a pick up truck with a Confederate flag. He drives a Rolls Royce. His name is Rev. Alfred Charles Sharpton. Here is a small sample of Rev. Sharpton's actions.
-1991:  Fanned the flames during Crown Heights Riot
-1995: Spoke of "white interlopers"  shortly before a man set fire to a business killing 7 innocent people.
-1999: Almost brought the City of New York to its knees when 4 white police officers shot an unarmed innocent black man citing racial prejudice of the cops.
-1987: Sharpton participated in a hoax of the rape and assault of Tawana Brawley. Sharpton as well as C. Vernon Mason and Alton Maddox accused white police officers and the District Attorney of the crime that didn't happen. Rev. Sharpton also accused New York Attorney General Robert Abrams of masturbating to a picture of Brawley.
Sharpton has also said numerous racist things throughout the years concerning whites and Jews. Rev. Sharpton also got former MSNBC employee Don Imus off the air for allegedly racist remarks.

Rachel: if I was you, I would demand that MSNBC fire Sharpton and that you would quit if Sharpton still remains an employee of MSNBC.

"Scoop" Stanton

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