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Friday, July 29, 2011

Congratulations Rev Sharpton

Congratulations Rev. Al Sharpton. You made it to the mainstream as you are now a regular host on MSNBC. It was a hard road for you. You are a perfect fit for the white male, 18-34 years old, college educated, and middle class political junkie.  Your journalism career was almost cut short in 1983 when you attempted to arrainge a cocaine deal with an FBI informant. Then throughout the years you put your credibility on the line fanning the racial flames from one incident to another even if there was no racial overtones. Surprisingly, your credibility was still intact after the Tawana Brawley rape hoax in 1987 where you, C. Vernon Mason, and Alton Maddox claim that Brawley was raped and covered in feces by white Fishkill, NY Police Officers and Dutchess County D.A Steven Pagones. During the height of the hysteria of the fake crime, on television you accused New York Attorney General Robert Abrams of masturbating to a picture of Brawley. What a class act.

The Brawley hoax did not get you down. You went all over the City of New York and the nation looking to make a name for yourself and  cause trouble. From the Crown Heights riots where you gave inflammatory speeches in 1991 degrading Jews, to complaining about "white interlopers" who operate businesses in the black community that provide a product or service, employ black people, and generate tax revenue for the city. The "white interlopers" speech in 1995 led to the death of seven innocent people. Oops, nobody's perfect. Then in 1999, you saw the opportunity for superstardom when 4 white police officers shot and killed an unarmed innocent black man. You tried very, very hard to turn the City of New York into ground zero for a civil war between blacks and whites. Unfortunately Mayor Giuliani foiled your plans. The IRS became jealous of your success and came after you for unpaid taxes. Being such an important leader of the community its easy to forget to pay over one million dollars in taxes. But; you do keep good company. It was known that you were close to Michael Jackson. There is nothing wrong with being friends with a man who was accused of child molestation, twice.

Besides being a community activist, a news analyst, and a radio talk show host, you know how important the First Amendment of the Constitution is as well as the right to free speech. But nobody faulted you for demanding the removal of former CBS Radio and MSNBC personality Don Imus because he said something that was offensive to you. Imus was forced to go on Fox Business Network and take a timeslot on 77 WABC New York. Which is only the biggest AM radio station in the world. You showed him!

Rev. Sharpton, you became very successsful at your chosen profession. As an up and coming broadcast personality I have a few questions.
-How much does your designer suits cost?
-Do you still own that Rolls Royce? What's the gas milage?
-You were vocal concerning Ofc. Peter Del Debbio shooting Ofc. Desmond Robinson and the NYPD shooting Sean Bell. Where you when Det. Rodney Andrews and Det. James Nemorin were shot and killed attempting to get illegal guns off the street and the illegal gun dealer in jail. DID YOU KNOW THAT BOTH DETECTIVES WERE BLACK?!?!?!
-You are a community activist, why are you silent when it comes to daily street crime? Black people are victimized by other black people than any other race.
-As a community activist, why haven't you mentioned illegitmacy, welfare dependency, substance abuse, dropping out of school, crime, and self sufficiency?
-How many jobs have you created with the National Action Network?
-How many kids have you or your organization sent to college?
-How many loans have you given so that people can start a business?
-Does your National Action Network do any charity work?
-Does your organization give money to people to help pay rent, buy groceries, pay utilities, pay for a doctor's visit, or anything of the sort?

Good luck and Godspeed.
"Scoop" Stanton

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