The future of America

The future of America
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Monday, July 11, 2011

MSNBC-We're batshit crazy!

Sorry fans I've been busy trying to earn a dollar and keep my family together. I have a confession. I watch MSNBC. Not for the news content, or the commentary, but for the entertainment. MSNBC is the funniest network around! The hosts are off their rocker. Plus that Maddow chick is hot! Recently MSNBC had the hosts make 30 second promos for the network. All evening hosts except Matthews were at a restaurant eating talking about the leftist agenda. Matthews shot his near the White House. Hysterical. Then when Ed Schultz took a vacation (not with the blacks in Atlanta) MSNBC picked journalist extraordinaire Al Sharpton!!! All those wonks in northwest DC and liberals in Upper East and Western Manhattan must have been aroused. I imagine all the Jews throwing yarmulke's in the air! Keep it up MSNBC, you will be the next Air America!

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