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The future of America
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

F**k New York Daily News and F**k Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Bronx, NY

The New York Daily News did an absolute hit piece on patriot, scholar and School principal Frank Borzellieri. Borzellieri's crime; he wrote for Jared Taylor's American Renaissance and wrote: "diversity is a weakness." The school Borzellieri taught at and the Archdiocese of New York caved in and fired Borzellieri.

I met Mr. Borzellieri in 2008 at Taylor's Amren conference in Northern Virginia at the hotel bar. Frank was a scholar and a gentleman. I am not making this up. Let's take a closer look of Principal Borzellieri. He taught in a school with mostly black and Hispanic students. He calls the City of New York home.

Now; can the reporters, editors and staff of the Daily News claim that they work mostly with black and Latino people? Then at quitting time, does the staff of the Daily News live with the parents of Borellieri's students? I think not. The staff of the Daily News don't live in the Bronx or anywhere else. They live outside the city for: "good schools." Where was the Daily News when Al Sharpton was running his mouth fanning the flames of racial hatred, or Prof. Leonard Jefferies racist rants, all while on the CUNY (taxpayer) payroll. Or Eric Adams blatant racism employed by the NYPD. Or the racist television show such as Like it is and now Our world with Black Enterprise. Or William Tatum's Amsterdam News. The New York Daily News is fighting to be the worst paper in the city.

The Archdiocese of New York buried their head in the sand, moved people around, paid out money to parents, and kept a code of silence La Cosa Nostra could only wish for because numerous priests like to touch little kids. Sexual molestation is accepted, but having an educated personal opinion that is not politically correct is verboten. Is there any correlation of molestation and people leaving the church? Since white people are not going to the church of pedophilia, the Archdiocese has to reach out to the Hispanic community to keep the money roll in. Before you call the Catholic League and call me anti-Catholic, I was baptized in St. John's Church on Bleeker St in Utica, NY, and went to Catholic schools! I hope the Daily News has a similar fate as most other newspapers.

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