The future of America

The future of America
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Real issues for Occupy Wall Street

As you know a bunch of zeros are protesting Wall Street against corporate greed and capitalism. Most of these protesters are young white people. Here's some things to protest about; MAAAHHN!-Protest the number of people victimized by crime. Especially crime via Flash Mobs.
-Protest Affirmative Action as many of the out of work protesters down on Wall Street don't have jobs because of Affirmative Action.
-Protest illegal immigration. Our southern border is a war zone. Everything is in English and Spanish. Our public schools are broke thanks to skyrocketing enrollment and the tax base is not catching up thanks to shady landlords illegally skirting zoning and housing laws. Illegal aliens get in state tuition rates. American citizens get to repay student loans.
-Protest the mainstream media's outright lies and distortion including refusing to disclose the race of criminals.
-Protest the fact that people have to pay a fortune to live far far away from big cities so that the neighborhood is safe.
-Protest the fact public schools are temporary housing projects graduating illiterates.
-Protest the fact once great cities such as Memphis, Detroit, and Philadelphia are urban hellholes.
-Protest the criminal Federal Reserve.
-Protest the TSA fondling people and treating innocent people like criminals.
-Protest our government as we are $14 trillion in debt and we have nothing to show for it.
-Protest the fact everyone says everything is racist.
-Protest the fact 47% of Americans don't pay taxes!

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