The future of America

The future of America
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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The case FOR amnesty

While America has been glued on Boston and the soap opera As Chechnya Turns  continues, Congress has been quietly been pushing amnesty for over 11 million (mostly Hispanic) illegal aliens. Both the Republicans and Democrats want these people legalized for two reasons. Democrats: votes. Republicans: cheap labor.

Personally; I feel that we should welcome these people for open arms. Here's why:

1) If these people are given citizenship, they would be eligible for more welfare programs. They are already given numerous welfare benefits including food stamps, health care, and others. Now we need to give them section 8, and direct welfare payments.

2)Job opportunities; with the unemployment rate hovering at around 8 percent and more American's than ever not looking for work, we need more unskilled people competing for less and less jobs. White people can compete against these new citizens thanks to Affirmative Action programs.

3)Social Security. With Social Security broke, we need more people who have not contributed since the age of 16 be able to collect and then have their parents file and collect until death after living here after 5 years.

4)Crime: we need to make the members of the Mexican Mafia and MS-13 citizens so when if they are arrested by police, they will not be shipped back home for immigration violation. They could serve their time here and then continue to live in our neighborhoods.

5)Population density: these people need housing, electricity, and water. They drive cars that run on gasoline. Schools need to continue to build more classrooms.

6)Language: last century people immigrated and either learned English. When we reward these 11+ million in, there will still be a need to press 2 for Spanish and businesses will still need to advertise in Spanish and parts of Los Angeles, New York, and other cities can look like a foreign country in the name of diversity and tolerance!

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