The future of America

The future of America
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An open letter to Adam Kokesh


You are holding a protest march from Arlington, VA to Washington, Dc and back to Virginia on the 4th of July. You are proposing marchers come with firearms loaded and slung. I urge you not to. Here is why:

-Some of the marchers will be from gun nut groups such as the National Rifle Association or Gun Owners of America. These organizations have no concern for education or safety. Other participants include: active or retired law enforcement officers, and current or former military personnel. First off these people have no business handling firearms, and according to the Department of Homeland Security, these veterans are terrorists!

-There is no need to protest the government! We have an efficient government that spends its money wisely, has a strong defense defending its borders from foreign invaders, with as little regulation and interference as possible, causing a strong economy. We as Americans are fortunate to have an ethical, honest, and open government.

-Besides; where in the constitution are people allowed to demonstrate and allowed to have guns?

-There is no reason to carry firearms! Residents of Detroit, Chicago and Baltimore are not allowed to possess firearms and they are some of the safest of cities.

-Two words: Cathy Lanier: When you think of top cops names like Wyatt Earp, Elliot Ness, J. Edgar Hoover, and Cathy Lanier. Lanier is god of policing and loved among the rank and file. Just ask her cops. The $250,000 a year chief has brought down crime. Northeast and Southeast safer than ever. Now on Saturday nights people enjoying an evening downtown do not have to worry about black youths wreaking havoc.

Adam: I urge you to stay at home, have a cookout and watch the fireworks at the National Mall on July 4th.

Peter "Scoop" Stanton
Washington Correspondent
The Political Cesspool Radio Show

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