The future of America

The future of America
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

America's richest area

What part of the country can boast 7 of the 10 richest counties in the US? Or median home prices over $450,000? Or median income highest in the nation? And can boast more migration than everywhere else?Let's look at the industry this are is in, For example; New York's industry is finance and media. San Francisco's industry is computers/IT. Houston, TX industry is oil and shipping. This area I am talking about: 

      -Has no manufacturing industry
                                                             -Has no technology industry   
                                                             -Has no media/entertainment industry
                                                             -Has no financial industry/banking industry
                                                             -Has no shipping/interstate commerce industry
                                                             -Has no pharmaceutical industry
     -Has no oil/natural gas industry
                                                             -Not dependent on tourism

The area I'm talking about is Washington, DC and the industry is GOVERNMENT! Why is Washington flourishing while the rest of the country is sinking? Simple; the federal government is the only industry where it can print its own money and is not subject to market forces. I live here and I HATE IT! People here are clueless as to what goes on outside I-495. Perfect example; while the last time the government was on the verge of shutdown due to the debt limit debate, America was saying shut government down, government is out of control and needs to cool off. The idiots in the Beltway were saying we need government to keep running and that the rest of America does not understand. These Washingtonians are self righteous, self centered, self serving, and pretentious. They all think that they are somebody because they know somebody who might be important. How bad s it here? On a Saturday in January, the Galleria at Tysons Corner ( high end mall) is mobbed with people. At this mall is an American Girl doll store where parents can shell out $100 for a doll (made in China) and get the dolls' hair styled! Meanwhile in California 22,000 people applied for a position with the California Highway Patrol, and there are over 4,000 announced layoffs in January so far!

Unless we stop electing and re-electing Democrats and Republicans, we are going to look like every other third world flophouse. 

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