The future of America

The future of America
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The President's Vacation

The First Family is spending Christmas in Hawaii at a meager cost to taxpayers at $4,000,000. It's nice to see the Obama's being thrifty year after year. Meanwhile President and Nancy Reagan spent every Christmas at the White House so their staff could spend time with their families. Let's look at all the work President and Michelle Obama did since Jan 20, 2009:
-Allowed gays in the military
-Operation Fast and Furious
-Appointed Elana Kagen and Sonya Sotomayor to the Supreme Court
-TARP and another bailout
-Buying General Motors
-Cash for Clunkers
-Expansion of Medicaid
-Cutting Military Budget
-National- Health care
-Pushing more Affirmative Action programs in federal hiring
-Increasing debt ceiling
-Unemployment still at 9%.
-Non enforcement of immigration laws
-Higher rates of poverty and food stamp use
-Higher number of bankruptcies
-Chastising nonviolent tea parties, supporting criminal prone occupy movements
-Price of gasoline increases
-Stopped oil drilling in Gulf of Mexico
-Median income dropped
-Inflation increased
-Michelle's first class trip to Spain and Africa
-Obama's bus tour with buses made in Canada ($1,000,000)
-88 rounds of golf
-$35,000 a plate fundraisers in Midtown Manhattan during the tree lighting ceremony causing traffic havoc.
-Trip from DC to New York so Barack and Michelle can enjoy an evening on the town.
-Saying police acted "stupid" when Cambridge, MA police arrested Henry Louis Gates when Gates prevented the police from doing their job.
Take a load off Mr. President. You deserve it!

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