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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sirius/XM Battle plan 7/7/14

Here is a strategy to stick it to those motherfuckers who treat one of the franchises of the company like shit and treat its subscribers like shit.  Anthony Cumia made Sirius/XM millions of dollars! And look how they treat both him and Opie! I have listened to Opie and Anthony since WNEW days. It was Mr. Hughes and Mr. Cumia that inspired me to go into radio albeit part time.

0600: Start calling every show on every channel, including Hoo-hoo! This includes entertainment, politics, sports, comedy and even the "urban" stations. Tell them that you have enjoyed their work for years. When they say thank you, say: "NOT YOU! ANTHONY CUMIA!"

0600: Call the various customer care numbers and ask them what channel is Live from the Compound is found on then when is Sirius/XM going to start carrying Live from the Compound! Sirius Customer line: 1-888-601-6296. 

0800: Go to Sirius/XM headquarters to protest at 1221 Avenue of the America's, but also go to Fox, NBC, ABC and anyone else who does a outdoor broadcast. Bring signs showing your displeasure with the firing of Anthony and Sirius/XM overall. But keep the signs FCC friendly!

0800: Start calling Sirius/XM corporate. It's great that fans have called customer service to complain but we need to step it up. Those Filipino customer service reps that Sirius pays next to nothing just don't give a shit!
Sirius/XM Corporate telephone: (212)584-5100

0930: Dump Sirius/XM stock (SIRI) If you or anyone you know has Sirius/XM stock. Tell them to dump it and spread the word by any means necessary that the stock is going to tank!

1101: In case you haven't already done so, cancel your subscription to Sirius/XM

Throughout the day: Jocktober and Todd Show the fuck out of Facebook and Twitter

-We will be heard tomorrow, today and forever

1 comment:

  1. I agree with all but the last. I think it's counterproductive to try to win a freedom of speech war with cock-pics.
    While it's funny to picture a Sirius executive being forced to look at "tub girl" and pictures of Dennis Falcone's head attached to horrific porn shots, it's only going to reinforce their idea that Anthony and his fans aren't worth listening to.
    Besides, have you seen the damage inflicted on their Facebook already? I think the internet porn pic selection is used up by now.