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Friday, February 15, 2013

Chris Dorner...the whole story

While I was watching the Chris Dorner situation unfolded, I was thinking that there was some things missing. As usual we have a perspective that everyone else chooses to ignore. First Dorner was a absolute fuck up and a problem child with the LAPD. But since he was black, the Department probably wanted to keep him to make sure the department is "diverse." Next: the media portrayed Dorner as some sort of hero. Finally; there was no mention of demands of tighter gun control despite the number of people killed. Virginia Tech, Tuscon, Aurora, and Newtown was all gun bans all the time. But a black left wing racist. Silence. Here is my report of Dorner.

-College graduate, Navy Reservist.

-Joined LAPD academy class in 2005, disciplinary problem.  Showed up for a run wearing neon sneakers despite being ordered to wear either black or white sneakers only. Kicked out of his academy class for accidental discharge of his firearm. Finished training with another class. Made complaints against fellow recruits.
Officer in 2006. While in the field made numerous mistakes.   Lied about a fellow officer kicking a man when the officer wrote a disparaging report against Dorner. All charges against the reporting officer were false.  Claimed LAPD was RACIST!

-Fired by LAPD in 2009 for filing a false report. During disciplinary hearing, armed guards were summoned for security reasons.

-Allegedly shoots and kills Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence Feb 2013. Quan was the daughter of the police capt who represented Dorner at his disciplinary hearing.

-Allegedly attempts to steal boat to flee to Mexico  feb 6

-Allegedly shoots one LAPD Officer, and two Riverside CA Officers. One Riverside Officer dies Feb 7

-Dorner in shootout with authorities in Big Bear San Bernadino County, CA after he ties up two people and steal their car Feb 12. One deputy dies.

-Dorner dies in cabin set on fire Feb 12


The Media

 CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill Praises ‘Super Hero’ Chris Dorner, Says ‘He Was Wronged’ And Watching Him ‘Get His Revenge’ Is ‘Exciting’, ‘Like Watching D’Jango Unchained’

Chris Matthews Asks Mayor Of Big Bear During Dorner Standoff: ‘Are There Any Blacks That Live There?’


 CNN Panel Clashes With Guest’s Assertion ‘We Can Learn From’ Chris Dorner About ‘Institutionalized Racism’
WATCH: Chris Matthews Heaps Praise On Chris Dorner, Returning Favor
CBS: ‘Support Growing’ For Democrat Psycho Killer Chris Dorner
Black CNN Host Don Lemon Tries To Blame White People For Black Psycho Killer: Story Really About ‘Racism’
Dorner had written a manifesto with mentions of gun control, love of the Obama’s, Hillary Clinton, Mainstream Media. Most of which was censored by the Mainstream Media.
Rev. Jesse Jackson sympathizes for Dorner
All during the search and shootout of Dorner, not one media outlet, or media personality called for tighter gun control!!!
Police Chief Charlie Beck said he would reexamine Dorner’s Disciplinary Hearing

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